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Changing Global Context of the Expert leader

In the last few years, the world has seen some significant and global changes that have placed the role of experts as figureheads not only for stability, but for adaptability to disruption, and leadership through change. The transition from being an expert to leading teams of experts is crucial for organisational effectiveness in many contexts from manufacturing and engineering to science, academia, and healthcare.

Expert leaders need to balance their instincts for maintaining their individual expertise with leading teams and making decisions at an organisational level. It is this exact tension and balancing act that makes these leaders so crucial to organisations today.

Our latest research white paper – Changing Global Context of the Expert Leader – builds and expands on Roffey Park’s existing research from 2011 It examines the role of expert leaders from across the world and explores what this means for developing experts into the leaders they can be in today’s post-COVID world.

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