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Organisational Development Practitioners Programme

Build the skills and knowledge to develop organisational effectiveness and health.

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Organisation Development (OD) is a field of practice focused on improving the performance and effectiveness of organisations whilst maintaining their health and sustainability, especially during times of change. It is rooted in the deep connection between business processes, structures, relationships and the people working with them.

OD practitioners work with organisational growth, maturity and impact using a human systems perspective. It is about building an agile, resilient and emotionally intelligent workforce by promoting compassionate, ethical and sustainable leadership and people practices.

This programme aims to increase your knowledge and understanding of OD as a discipline, providing opportunities to develop your skills and equip you with practical tools, thinking strategies and a strategic mindset that will shape your personal approach and fit your business context.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at:

  • Practitioners working in the field of organisational development that want to develop and enhance their practice
  • Senior HR, leaders or learning and development professionals who are seeking to enhance their OD skills
  • Those actively involved in organisational change projects that requires a shift in mindset as well as structures and services
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  • Expand your capabilities in fostering effective and healthy places to work
  • Deepen and widen your knowledge of Organisational Development as a field of practice and explore how this applies to your professional context
  • Increase your capabilities as an OD practitioner for the benefit of you and your organisation or those you work with
  • Increase your impact and influence through building an effective OD Practitioner toolkit for a wide range of applications
  • Improve your ability to recognise and facilitate group dynamics
  • Apply and explore application of learning, concepts and practices to a live situation with peer support
  • Connect with a broad range practitioners to share practice and gain feedback

As a result of this course, your OD practitioners will have a greater ability to build sustainable, effective and value-driven relationships, whatever their professional context. They will do this through their skilled, knowledgeable and impactful OD practice.

Your practitioners will deepen their impact and influence and develop their knowledge and application in a variety of interventions. This includes, how effectively they respond to and work through change, develop a sustainable organisational culture, improve levels of communication between stakeholders as well as improve their ability to recognise and facilitate group dynamics.

Course Outline


The face-to-face course is made up of three modules of two days each and the virtual course is three modules of 4-half day sessions each that cover the skills and knowledge you require to become an OD practitioner


You then return to your workplace to apply your learning


Within each module, you participate in an action learning set to share progress and receive peer support and challenge


During the final sessions, you deliver group facilitation and an individual final presentation. The presentation is on your business project outcomes, learning and reflective practice

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Venue for Face-to-Face Courses

Roffey Park Institute in the UK

Our venue, set in the idyllic Sussex countryside, is a welcome contrast to the sometimes-intense workplace. This environment enables teams and individuals to develop as people and professionals.


All virtual half-day sessions start at 09:00 UK time

Launch Call

25 June 2024 (Virtual)

Arrival & check in

1 July 2024

Module One

2 July 2024
3 July 2024

Action learning set

4 July 2024 (Virtual)

Arrival & check in

5 August 2024

Module Two

6 August 2024
7 August 2024

Denison Organisational Culture Session

8 August 2024 (Optional)

Arrival & check in

2 September 2024

Module Three

3 September 2024
4 September 2024

Action learning set

5 September (Virtual)

Arrival & check in

17 September


18 September 2024

Launch Call

1 October 2024

Module One

8 October 2024
9 October 2024
10 October 2024

Action learning set

11 October

Module Two

5 November 2024
6 November 2024
7 November 2024

Action learning set

8 November 2024

Denison Organisational Culture Session

27 November 2024 (Optional)
28 November 2024 (Optional)

Module Three

3 December 2024
4 December 2024
5 December 2024

Action learning set

6 December 2024

Module 3

17 December 2024
18 December 2024

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Your face-to-face Horsham experience starts the evening before your programme as you join your fellow participants for dinner so you can get to know each other. Check-in is available from 2pm, providing you with the option to either work from our venue or take advantage of our leisure facilities. Our bar opens at 6pm and dinner is served in the restaurant at 7.30pm. Accommodation, meals and materials are all included in the fees.



Technology was once used to facilitate the virtual delivery of our open programmes. Now, technology is used to enhance your learning journey. Through our progressive learning experience programme, MyRoffeyPark, learners have access to the tools, module materials and support whenever and wherever they require – including prework, mindtools and a platform to connect with their peers as well as their facilitators.

At Roffey Park, our purpose is to work with you to support real and sustainable growth; this is not limited solely to face-to-face but through virtual learning, development and consultancy also.


*The price excludes VAT.

We offer a limited number of discounted places to registered charities.

Please contact our client services to find out more.

We can also deliver The Organisational Development Practitioners Programme as either an in-house programme for teams or as part of a wider, tailored development programme. For more information please contact us.

Denison Organisational Culture Survey Certification

As part of this programme, you have the option to complete Part 1 of the certification process to use the Denison Organisational Culture Survey. This comes with one free culture survey that can be sent to up to one hundred participants. You can use this survey in your work context or with a client organisation to diagnose and apply your learning. Full certification (part 2) can be obtained by completing the culture survey and working with a senior consultant to overview the real client results as preparation for your first client debrief.

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