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Strategy Refresh

Several factors may impact an organisation’s need for a strategy refresh, closing the gap between your organisation’s current state and its desired future.

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  • Market changes – disruption due to new competitors, changing customer expectations and new or emerging technology.
  • Performance decline – declining performance, however, you measure current performance against the past or future expectations.
  • Stakeholder feedback –customers, employees, investors and/or partners expressing dissatisfaction, or at worst, walking away.
  • Mergers or Acquisitions – changes in your organisation’s ownership and top-level control may need a review of the strategic direction of the newly merged or acquired group.

We specialise in 4 key areas of OD&D


Organisational Health and Culture


Organisation Design


Leadership Cohesion


Organisational Agility and Resilience

What types of support do we offer?

  • Facilitation – Together, we become thought partners and collaborate to fully understand your problem
  • Diagnosis – Here we gain clarity on what the issue is. You can then try to solve it, or continue to work together
  • Guidance – We’re focused on making the solution happen for you
  • Advice – Throughout the entire consultation process we will be at your side, offering our advice based on industry expertise
  • Solutions – Once partnered, we do not have any other priorities other than helping you solve the issue
  • Strategies – Through our diagnostic approach, we provide strategies tailored to your context and needs

Why choose Roffey Park

We adopt a ‘do with’ rather than a ‘do to’ approach. We don’t presuppose to know what the answer looks like, nor the journey, but we will support you in gaining clarity on how best to achieve organisational goals healthily and sustainably. Our solution are bespoke and tailored to your needs. 

To do this, we will become your credible thought partner from start to finish, allocating you a team of experienced individuals from our faculty and associate pool who can leverage their insights to best guide you.

We are:

  • Trusted by some of the world’s most well-known organisations in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors
  • A research and credible thought leader in the world of work
  • Committed to delivering long-lasting, positive change whilst building capability, not dependency
  • Flexible and agile to respond to your emerging needs
  • Respectful of your financial position; we offer competitive rates and will strive to optimise your budge
  • The ‘Best Consultancy Partnership’ (2021) winner for our work with Ireland’s
  • Department for Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER)
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What our client says about our services

Participant, Leadership Programme, University College Dublin

Excellent. I have done leadership courses before and was expecting more of the same, so was pleasantly surprised! I was really enthused and motivated by the content and the facilitators. The facilitators are clearly well-established in their field and inspired confidence and trust through their openness, their knowledge and their experience.

MSc in People and OD graduate 2024

The course was challenging, interesting, horizon-broadening and surprising. On the whole, brilliant lecturers and consistently excellent learner support.

Senior Leader, Scientific Research Organisation

Roffey Park’s approach is holistic; it’s about developing the organisation as a whole, not just improving individual skills. From the outset, Roffey Park invested time to build credibility, trust and fully immerse themselves in our organisation. This approach really added value, their preparation, level of understanding and attention to detail was incredible.

Senior HRBP, Global Technology Organisation

Absolutely brilliant and beautifully pitched journey through OD, self, group and organisations. Insightful, impactful, humbling, energising, uplifting and transformational. The best development programme I have been on.

Head of Learning and Development, Dimensions UK

I have always valued what Roffey Park bring to the table in response to the challenges we describe and how they tailor that to our business. The depth of their expertise and the quality of ideas and responses they offer is then further enhanced through stakeholder discussion and partnership working before we even start working with any delegates.

Senior Leader, Construction sector 

I’ve worked with Roffey Park for many years, and their approach is ideal. They carefully design each programme around our organisational needs and the skills our people require to achieve business goals. They provide the right programmes, for the right audience, in the right learning environment.

Sussex Health and Care

Realising that years of experiences does not make a good leader and that we all go through similar phases… the programme made new leaders feel that they are not alone in those challenges.

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