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Join us on a journey of love-infused leadership and unleash your full potential with ‘Leading From Love’ by Helena Clayton and Roffey Park Institute.

What role does love play in leadership, and how could it transform our approaches in the workplace? These intriguing questions form the core of Helena Clayton’s white paper, ‘Leading From Love.’ In this publication, Helena dives into the concept of leading with love and its potential impact on organisational dynamics.

This paper includes these topic areas:

Unlocking the Power of Love in Leadership:

– Explore the transformative potential of love in leadership.

– Learn how love can drive positive change and foster resilience in organisations.

– Gain insights into the science and psychology behind leading with love.

Elevating Your Leadership Skills:

– Embrace love as a powerful tool to strengthen your leadership, drive team performance, and create a positive workplace culture.

Practical Guidance:

– Strategies for incorporating love-based leadership into your organisation.

–  Real-world examples and case studies that showcase the effectiveness of leading from love.

The report is based upon Helena’s ongoing, extensive exploration into the subject, including workshops podcasts and experiential sessions like ‘The Love Lab.’ She has also collaborated on blogs and longer pieces, continuously enriching her understanding of the topic.

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