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Development and assessment centres helping organisations merge

How can Development and Assessment centres support organisations following a merger or acquisition?

Following on from our previous article explaining what development and assessment centres are, their benefits and how they differ, here…

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Organisational Development and HR

Leading From Love

Join us on a journey of love-infused leadership and unleash your full potential with 'Leading From Love' by Helena Clayton…

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Leadership Development
DNA of Personal Effectiveness white paper Research Download

The DNA of Personal Effectiveness

Developing personal effectiveness is essential today. Increasingly we need to influence people both in person and virtually utilising different form…

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Leadership Development
An image featuring a logo for Roffey Park's OD Conference

OD Conference speaker – Gervase Bushe

Gervase Bushe will be one of the keynote speakers at Roffey Park Institute’s OD Conference on the 26th to 27th…

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