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PULSE Learning Framework 1

PULSE Learning Framework

Our unique PULSE learning approach is compelling and puts you at the centre. From first contact, through your programme and after you leave us, we’ll work together to support your learning journey in a meaningful way. We do this by creating the opportunity and environment where learning happens.

PULSE Learning Framework from Roffey Park

How does PULSE work?

PULSE describes the learning journey. Be prepared to discover a new path as you travel through our programme:

Plot creates space for you to identify your current situation(s) and explore where you want to be as a result of your learning.

Unlock stimulates your thinking, beliefs and feelings to support and challenge your behaviour patterns.

Lever provides opportunities for you to learn with and from others through the sharing of thoughts, feelings, experiences and observations.

Signify helps you to make sense of your learning journey and identifies the support needed to settle into your new ways of thinking, being and feeling.

Embed enables you to reflect and identify how you are going to apply your learning back in the workplace.

PULSE represents the way we learn through our head, heart and hands as well as other people and influences. It demonstrates that learning is not static. When we are in the flow of learning our PULSE pattern is likely to be strong, but at other times when we are challenged or stretched, our PULSE pattern can seem weaker. This is normal and our expert facilitators are here to guide you with opportunities, insights and skills to adjust your PULSE along your journey.

And far beyond your programme, our PULSE Learning approach will help you navigate the complexities of working life; to take a step back and use PULSE to critically assess your decisions and choices. As a result, you’ll be a more effective practitioner, manager or leader for the benefit of all.

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