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DNA of Personal Effectiveness white paper Research Download

Developing personal effectiveness is essential today. Increasingly we need to influence people both in person and virtually utilising different form of communication. We are best able to do this through developing our confidence, clarity of purpose and the communication skills. Our roles as leaders or managers – in tough times, or during change – also require that we draw on who we are, as well as what we do to inspire and engage our people. And this is at the heart of bringing about successful individual and organisational change.

In our latest whitepaper – The DNA of Personal Effectiveness – we have taken a fresh look at personal effectiveness and how regular, sustainable changes can be made which directly impact your personal effectiveness. The paper outlines a new framework for personal effectiveness and is packed with practical exercises which have been drawn from our research and the work we do with groups and individuals from all levels within a wide range of organisations.

Key findings from the research

  • Personal effectiveness is essential for being able to influence and communicate effectively in today’s workplace.  Ultimately, organisational effectiveness depends on the effectiveness of its individuals, irrespective of role or position.
  • Changes in your impact and influence will happen not just by reading or thinking but also by doing – and keep doing. And that greater self-awareness enables you to make
    difference choices and decisions which will result in increased personal effectiveness.
  • It is packed with practical exercises and suggestions to try out, drawn from our research and 75 years practice in developing personal effectiveness. Just commit to doing one thing for 21 days and see what the impact is on your personal effectiveness.

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