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Female Leadership in the Workplace: Leveraging the benefits of hybrid working

There is no question that building a workplace culture of gender balance and inclusivity is good for individuals, organisations and society. It is equally true that significant progress has been made to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve their full potential and thrive at work.

In our latest whitepaper – Female Leadership in the Workplace: Leveraging the Benefits of Hybrid Working – we have refreshed our 2022 paper to take a deeper dive into the priorities, experiences and impact of hybrid working for women leaders.

Key findings from the research

  • Women have a stronger preference for hybrid working but it is only an option for less than half of women employed in the workplace.
  • Women who can work where they want to tend to be happier in their job, perceive equal opportunities for advancement, are less likely to leave their employer in the next year, and experience lower burnout rates compared to those who lack such flexibility.
  • But the impact of hybrid working on collaboration and team connectedness is prevalent so creating the conditions to foster working relationships and support is crucial.
  • Despite significant progress in establishing remote and hybrid working as the norm, there is still a taboo for those who would prefer an alternative working hours pattern with most women believing that requesting flexible working hours will impact their chance of promotion and development.

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