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HR Business Partnering is a widely accepted approach in today’s organisations.  HR Business Partners must focus intently on the organisational goals of delivering value, driving change and stakeholder satisfaction.  Here in our infographic we outline ten essential skills they need to be effective.

  1. Business Acumen able to understand the impact of the latest economic and financial news on their organisation
  2. Listening able to be truly present and listen attentively to what is said, what is not said, and how it is said by others
  3. Questioning is skillful at selecting questions that can broaden or narrow, deepen or lighten a conversation
  4. Politics able to navigate the ever present hidden agendas, shifting allegiances, and competition for resources
    that exist in all organisations
  5. Strategic Thinking can allocate regular time and space to apply a long-term big-picture lens to priorities
    and planning
  6. Agility able to spot opportunities and act to implement change quickly
  7. Data Analytics can make sense of the rapidly increasing amounts of data being generated by individuals
    and organisations
  8. Globalisation able to facilitate work across globally diverse, virtual, cross-organisational teams
  9. OD Mindset able to think systemically and holistically about relationships and groups as well as the
    individual, and about culture as well as capabilities
  10. Wellbeing can focus on building physical and psychological wellbeing for self and others

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