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Resilience, Change and Wellbeing

All organisations must have the capacity to adapt to a rapidly changing world.  Whether it comes in the form of new regulations, developing markets, growing competition, climate change or a global pandemic, change is a perpetual challenge and a continuous opportunity.

Roffey Park’s Change and Resilience programmes are designed for organisational leaders wanting to develop and deepen the capacity of their organisations to thrive whatever the wider world throws their way.  Our courses start from the understanding that resilience is not an individual attribute – it derives from an organisation’s capacity to enable all its people to work collectively.  A resilient organisation is one in which everyone can see beyond the status quo to the possibilities that lie beyond.

Our Change and Resilience programmes enable dynamic, collaborative learning based on real life cases and cutting-edge research.  We provide skills development and diagnostic tools to help learners identify where they might improve their organisations capacity to absorb and adapt to change while maintaining a high performance culture.  Combining face-to-face and live online learning, our courses are international, accessible and strongly focused on practical application.  You will learn alongside leaders from many different organisations worldwide, gaining the mind and skill-sets vital to the ongoing success of your organisation and its people.

What is the Roffey Park Difference?

Leaders will leave our Change and Resilience Programmes able to:

  • Assess the resilience of their organisations;
  • Identify people or processes ill-equipped to accommodate change;
  • Turn apparently threatening occurrences into opportunities;
  • Support colleagues at all levels through organisational transformation;
  • Communicate change messages clearly and accessibly;
  • Identify problems before they happen.

How we can help with your Change and Resilience needs

You can commission Roffey Park Institute to conduct research specific to your organisation on the theme of change and resilience.

Open Programmes in Change and Resilience

Our change and resilience programmes run regularly throughout the year in an open format – where you attend as an individual, forming a group with like-minded people from different organisations. You can choose to attend these programmes in a distance, digital, blended and face-to-face format.

Tailored Programmes in Change and Resilience

Our client teams can work with you to create a tailored solution to meet your organisation needs on change and resilience.

To discuss your change and resilience requirements, please complete contact us.

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