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Man in glasses looking upwards representing a manager in today's workplace

Effective line management is central to the success of any organisation. But has it changed in our post-COVID world or are the principles of effective line management the same as ever? Using Roffey Park Institute’s network of training and development professionals, as well as its repository of prior research in this field, our latest white paper focuses on first level line managers in the 2020s and explores the enduring and emerging issues of effective line management.

Key findings from the research

  1. Basic line management skills remain important but more difficult to apply
  2. A more politicised and sensitised work environment has made it difficult for line managers to exercise legitimate authority
  3. Home and hybrid working makes it harder to manage as well as impacting on opportunities for informal learning
  4. A new agenda for nurturing great managers is needed to equip them with the confidence, self-awareness, critical and strategic thinking to prosper in today’s work environment.

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