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Guide to personal effectiveness

Developing personal effectiveness is essential today. Increasingly we need to influence without formal authority and we cannot do this without confidence, clarity of purpose and the communication skills to fully express ourselves. Our roles as leaders or managers – in tough times, or during change – also require that we draw on who we are, as well as what we do to inspire and engage our people. And from coaching through to organisational development, the concept of using your ‘self as an instrument’ is at the heart of bringing about successful individual and  organisational change.

Roffey Park is a leader in the field of Personal Effectiveness having developed people in organisations for 60 years. Our approach is based on several important assumptions:

  • That ‘we’re all right as we are’ and that we have within us all that we need to grow and become more effective in the world.
  • We are naturally predisposed to learn, grow and change in order to maximise our own potential.
  • We are willing to take responsibility for ourselves and our own learning.
  • Who we are is as important as what we do.
  • Change occurs not just by reading or thinking but by also doing.
  • And that greater self-awareness enables us to have more choices, and thus make better decisions that will result in increased personal effectiveness.

The purpose of this Guide to personal effectiveness is to help you change what you do on a daily basis in a way that will have a direct impact on your personal effectiveness. It provides a number of practical exercises which have been drawn from our research and the work we do with groups and individuals from all levels within a wide range of organisations.

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