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Roffey Park’s support for you and your organisation: together we can get through this

As COVID-19 continues to spread uncertainty across the world, the health and safety of our clients, participants, employees and suppliers is our number one priority. We wanted to share some of the steps Roffey Park Institute is taking to support you over the coming few weeks.

We’re going virtual and online for now

We are moving our programme delivery and our coaching, mentoring and consulting services to a virtual experience exclusively for the next few weeks, so we can meet your needs and keep everyone safe. We are rapidly building the platforms and content that we think you will need to lead your organisations through this unprecedented uncertainty.

We can help you as you seek to:

  • Develop your managers’ capability to adapt, lead and manage remotely
  • Develop the resilience of your remote, virtual teams, particularly in team interactions such as problem solving and decision making
  • Build group capability to facilitate meetings and conversations remotely
  • Offer virtual coaching, mentoring and team coaching across your organisation and keep it connected
  • Adopt virtual learning set approaches to ongoing skills development
  • Bed down your organisational processes and remain productive and viable.

As your organisation reshapes itself, ongoing support, learning and development will be essential to your managers, leaders and key people. Few if any of us, know how to operate large scale, completely virtual organisations. We can help you. Let’s talk in the next few days.

How we’re keeping Roffey Park’s employees safe

From now on we are amending our working practices. Our UK and Ireland teams will be working remotely and we have established contingency and technology infrastructure to make sure we offer the same excellent client service. Our Singapore operation is working this way already, and we’re learning from their experience.

We have also suspended all non-essential travel and will conduct client meetings virtually, by phone or video link. Our programmes in the next three months will be taking place virtually; we have an experienced faculty of facilitators who are comfortable with creating high impact, collaborative learning in virtual environments. We are in touch with all our clients and participants to keep them informed.

You must be stressed and anxious! We’re here to help

Roffey Park Institute was founded during the war to work with workers and soldiers suffering stress, PTSD and other workplace mental health issues. This remains a focus. Your leaders, managers and staff will be hugely stressed and anxious right now, and this reduces productivity and teamwork. We can help. Welfare at work has never been more important.

Whether through mentoring your management teams, providing one to one support or curating digital spaces where people can share experiences, stresses, worries, tips and hacks, Roffey Park knows what it is doing. We’re committed to helping and supporting you for as long as you need. Together we will get through this.

Our Client Relationship Managers and our Client and Student Services teams will stay in touch with you over the next few weeks. We’re ready to answer your questions and create any solutions you need. So, please reach out and contact us on or telephone 01293 851644.
And of course, we’ll continue to monitor developments and keep you informed.

Stay safe and healthy.

Kind regards

Dr Robert Coles

Chief Executive Officer

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