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In a volatile and uncertain world, it is essential that organisations learn faster than the pace of change.  At Roffey Park we know that effective organisational learning happens when everyone is involved in learning, all the time.  By approaching every dimension of organisational life – internal and external – as an opportunity to learn collectively, the effectiveness of everyone in the workplace is enhanced.  Collective learning encourages colleagues to become organisational citizens with a strong sense of ownership and engagement.

Our suite of Organisational Learning programmes focus on the key attributes of both individual learners and the collective learning necessary to bring true cohesion and inclusivity to an organisation.  these include communications skills, critical thinking, learning to learn, problem-solving, Agile learning and much more.  Combining face-to-face and live online learning, our courses are international, accessible and strongly focused on practical application.  You will learn alongside leaders from many different organisations worldwide, gaining the mind and skill-sets vital to embedding a learning culture at the heart of your organisation.

What’s the Roffey Park Difference?

Leaders completing our Organisational Learning programmes will be able to:

  • Build inclusive and incisive learning into their organisations;
  • Support the learning of everyone in the workplace;
  • Critically assess organisational development needs;
  • Help colleagues improve their performance through positive, dialogic learning.

How we can help with your Organisational Learning needs

You can commission Roffey Park Institute to conduct research specific to your organisation on the theme of organisational learning unique to your organisation.

Open Programmes in Organisational Learning

Our organisational learning programmes run regularly throughout the year in an open format – where you attend as an individual, forming a group with like-minded people from different organisations. You can choose to attend these programmes in a distance, digital, blended and face-to-face format.

Tailored Programmes in Organisational Learning

Whether it’s an in-house facilitation skills programme or a developing longer-term organisational learning programme, our  client teams work with you to create a tailored solution unique to your organisation needs.

To discuss your organisational learning requirements, please complete contact us.

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