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Maximising the value of HR business partnering

Report highlights

  • Tracing the evolution of the model
  • The impact of organisational demographics, culture and structure on success
  • Role and development of the HR business partner
  • Essential elements of implementation
  • How to realise long term benefits from HR business partnering

Maximising the value of HR business partnering is a timely and important piece of research. Many organisations, if not already operating with HR business partners, are considering whether or how to implement the model. As we enter a period of unprecedented strategic challenge, Roffey Park’s researchers have investigated how far HR professionals have established sound structures and capabilities in order to deliver real value to their organisations and have examined which aspects of implementation impact most on success.

 The report covers:

  • How organisations build a business case for HR business partnering, how they measure success and what benefits they expect to gain.
  • How far organisations define, interpret, adapt and implement the HR business partnering model in the light of their own unique requirements, and which elements are critical to success.
  • Which factors affect the credibility of the HR business partner and inform success; do HR and the line share an understanding of their roles in making the model work in practice?
  • How to address the factors that prevent organisations from maximising the benefits of the model.

Who is the report for?

This report is essential reading for any HR professional involved in the implementation or operation of HR business partnering. It also contains valuable insights for line managers in organisations that have implemented, or are considering the implementation of the model.

Maximising the Value of HR Business Partnering
Ed Griffin, Liz Finney, Jo Hennessy and Dilip Boury

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