Working in Asia: Key HR and Leadership Priorities for 2016

By: Saradevi Gopal and Daniel Lucy

Roffey Park and Profile Search & Selection’s research – Workplace in Asia: Key HR and Leadership Priorities for 2016 – aims to highlight managers’ views on organisational life in Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China.  It is based on Roffey Park’s Singapore Management Agenda which has previously featured in national and trade press.
Based on the views of nearly 2000 managers and 300 non-managers working in organisations from a wide range of sectors and different sizes, the report covers managers’ views on organisational culture, change, engagement, innovation, productivity and well-being. The report presents the views of employees from all levels of seniority and  those in both HR and non-HR roles.

This research should appeal to a wide audience, from board members through to HR, OD and managers in the wider business. It should also be of interest to anyone with responsibility for developing effective people management strategies, OD initiatives, and effective organisations.

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