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Roffey Park Academy launch three new Postgraduate Diplomas

Roffey Park Academy launch a new Postgraduate Diploma programme

Roffey Park Institute has newly launched Roffey Park Academy. The vision for Roffey Park Academy is to fulfil the potential of people and organisations as well as equipping learners with a postgraduate diploma, which will boost their impact and career.

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Roffey Park Institute is a long-standing associate partner of the University of Sussex that function as validating authority for all of our new Postgraduate Diplomas.

Our qualification programmes put you at the centre of your learning by:

  • aligning practice and theory with your context and experience.
  • encouraging a collaborative approach to learning by using dialogic learning groups as forums for discussion, feedback, experience sharing and ideation.
  • using a mix of taught components, online materials and self-directed group learning.
  • focusing on impact and practice.

We believe in the human potential to create positive change. Our role is to help you develop the flourishing mindsets, skillsets, behaviours and capacities required to create a significant and sustainable impact. As a result, we have launched three new Postgraduate Diplomas, designed to do just that.

Diploma in Change Leadership

The Postgraduate Diploma in Change Leadership has been designed for leaders who want to disrupt their thinking and embrace change leadership as an opportunity for organisational transformation and people transformation. It is for those that desire to create impact and sustainable positive change within their own context.

Using a lens that focuses on people and processes, change theory is explored and experimented within several ways. Throughout the programme, participants will critically explore concepts and theories to better understand their context. They are then encouraged to apply the ideas, thinking and behaviours they have learned to achieve workplace transformation.

Diploma in Culture and Sustainability

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Culture and Sustainability draws on Roffey Park Institute’s long-established research on organisational resilience and more recent work on the meaning and practice of organisational sustainability from human interaction and flourishing perspectives.

With growing demands from stakeholders and consumers, being able to prove your contribution towards the big issues of people, society and the planet means tackling culture. In saying that, this programme has been designed for leaders in organisations who want to make a real difference.

The focus of development of this programme is on the participants’ skills and behaviour around the subject of culture and sustainability so that they can begin to create a significant impact in their own context.

Diploma in Organisational Learning

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Organisational Learning is designed to support learners in exploring relevant organisational and leadership questions relating to change and transformation. It is for those that desire to enhance their ability to develop programmes using advanced learning and facilitation techniques and understand how to create and implement strategies for a learning organisation.

As organisations adapt and change to reflect both post-pandemic and technology-driven work practices, how organisations think about learning will be central to talent strategy and sustainability. Because of this, participants will be designing their lens through research questions and an approach to data collection that will help them and other practitioners gain a deeper understanding of organisational dynamics and variables, whether that relates to people or processes.

Learn more about our Postgraduate Diplomas

Knowing what path to take as a postgraduate can be confusing. Do not worry as we have created a detailed guide to understanding postgraduate studies like an expert.

From learning how a postgraduate diploma could accelerate your career or working out how to fit the study time into your life, there is plenty to consider.

  • How is the programme structured?
  • How is the learning experience different?
  • Who are the faculty members?
  • How much time commitment is needed?
  • What help and support will be provided?

To help you understand more about the programme and answer these questions and more, we run regular online information webinars.

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