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Meeting the lockdown challenge – we’re here to help you

Reshape Refocus Respond

We are entering another, hopefully shorter, lockdown. Whilst this is disappointing and distressing to many, particularly those in sectors that are vulnerable, we will come through it, and I offer my sincere wishes for good health to you and your families.

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As an executive education institute, focused on developing and enhancing workplace skills in leadership, management, human resources and organisational development, we are at the heart of the changes and challenges that all organisations are facing. Whether in the public sector, in business or in the social and not for profit sectors, we are active with you, developing, coaching, advising.

We will continue to be active and open throughout the lockdown, helping you to help your staff, managers and leaders to reshape, refocus and respond to this crisis.

We are open in two ways:

Our Horsham UK campus remains open for workplace education. We have revamped our campus so that it is divided into secure zones, with limited numbers and dedicated break-out, dining and social areas and have created digital, hybrid meeting rooms. This means you can bring your key teams together to strategize, rethink and reskill. Our commitment to safety is total. Our staff are fully trained. The Roffey Park experience, so central to our reputation, is here, Covid secure, and able to work with you. Take a look at our Campus Video.

Six months ago, we barely had a digital offering. How times have changed! We now deliver digital workplace education in every major economic area in the world. We can offer all our programmes in live digital format, retaining the dialogic, group dynamics approaches for which we are renowned. As your teams plot their way forward and manage the motivation and minds of their staff, we have brilliant programmes, in 2 hour, bit-size practical chunks, that can give you the kickstart you need. Equally, we now offer packaged e-learning modules for more rapid-fire bursts of know-how for all your staff.

Our support to you is designed to enable you to:

  • RESHAPE – as you think about your future business, how can you design to be ready?
  • REFOCUS – what do you need to do more or less of? Where should your resources and energies go? What are your critical priorities?
  • RESPOND – the post-Covid world will emerge, but you also need to respond to now. How will you deal with today whilst preparing for later?

Now is the time to keep the energies and motivation of your people up and positive. Roffey Park Institute is ready and able to work with you, your leaders, managers and staff to meet the challenges you face.

Get in touch and let’s work our way through this together.

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