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We have designed your learning journey to pass through 4 phases. During each phase your approach to thinking and behaving will be challenged.

Phase 1 – Engage

Your learning journey with us begins with Engage which is designed to ensure that your learning is sustained and creates a positive impact.  Engage begins with identifying stakeholders that can support you through your learning journey. We recommend selecting between 4 – 8 stakeholders, (for example, direct reports, clients, managers, peers, mentors, people that will help your development and provide you with useful feedback). You should choose stakeholders who you know will offer you support, and challenge and they understand the impact you want to make in your organisation.

We have created an Engagement Plan Tool which works in three ways. Firstly, it will help you to ask others about the strengths, gaps, and the impact you could be having in your role. This enables you to prioritise the behaviours to focus on through the programme. Secondly, it provides a mechanism for you to share your experiences during your behaviour change and enables stakeholders to provide support and encouragement. Thirdly, it provides a framework for you to gather feedback on your learning application, providing you with meaningful data on your impact.  The Engagement Plan forms part of your pre-programme work and we will help you to continue to refine your Engagement Plan at every phase of your journey.

During this phase you, along with your programme peers, will learn through experiential exercises. These are designed to optimise deep learning, maximise communication, challenge thinking and behaviour and create space for refining your Engagement Plan. We will also help you to identify types of evidence of your development and change in organisational impact.

Gaining the most from this phase requires communication, openness, self-awareness, curiosity, a growth mindset, and future focused outlook.

Phase 2 – Work Based Practice

During this phase you practice new behaviours and apply different thinking back in the workplace. You will explore the impact your learning is having on yourself and how others experience you, so you can understand the value you are adding to your organisation.  By continuously engaging with your stakeholders they can support you, provide feedback and hold you to account.  This is vital for successful behaviour change.

Behaviour change takes time, practice and feedback, which explains why working with organisational stakeholders and actively using time (typically 1 – 2 months) between programme features for learning application and reflection are the key features of this phase. At the end of this phase, you are required to reflect on your experiences, report on your growth, reflect on the evidence of change, and refine your Engagement Plan for the next phase.

To support you during this phase, we will provide online material for you on a range of topics related to your development, which we call Building Blocks. These are available to you, as and when you need them, through your link to the Roffey Park Institute online platform.

Gaining the most from this phase requires being and brave and bold, an openness to feedback, patience, tolerance, and reflection.

Phase 3 – Connect and Reflect

During this phase you will focus on sharing your experiences of your learning journey with programme peers., This brings opportunities for fresh perspectives, new insights, and new energy. A member of the Roffey Park International Team will facilitate the Connect and Reflect phase which is designed to create time and space for you to reflect and make sense of your journey to date. You will be invited to assess the positives and the challenges you have experienced on your journey in relation to your behaviour change and organisational impact.

Sessions in this phase are active, focused and fun – bringing a mix of energy and quiet space to enable you to maximise your thinking and planning. You will be involved in discussion and inquiry with your programme peers as well as ideation and planning. You will be required to share evidence of your development to date and input on the type of evidence that you are still working towards. This phase ends with the refinement of your Engagement Plan for the final phase of your journey.

Gaining the most from this phase requires energy, questioning, introspection, interest in others, openness to ideas, willingness to share highs and lows of your journey, creativity and imagination.

Phase 4 – Change and Grow

The final phase is focused on helping you to create sustainable change and impact in your workplace context through embedding new behaviours and thinking. The Change and Grow phase is designed to support you to embed new approaches that are significant for your role and add value to your organisation at different levels. You can continue to use your Engagement Plan to help you to navigate through this phase with your stakeholders and maintain good practices including, communication, inquiry, seeking feedback and collecting evidence.

We will collect data from your stakeholders on your development and impact 1, 3 and 6 months after you have completed the programme. This will be done electronically and will be shared with you to ensure that you have feedback to support your change and growth.

Gaining the most from this phase requires an attitude of continuous improvement, resilience, energy perspective, collaboration and an ability to share stories of success as well as challenge.

Roffey Park has a range of open programmes for individuals and teams.  We also can customise a development solution for your organisation.

If you would like to talk to us to find out more, please contact us by email.

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