Thriving in a diverse business world

By: Dr David Lines and Peter Hamill

How much does diversity really matter to businesses? Under what circumstances and how do business leaders take diversity into account in their commercial decision-making? There are nice words in the annual reports of companies, but is diversity important when making commercial decisions, or is it a subject that is on the agenda solely when the Human Resources department have something to say on the subject?

Business leaders work in an increasingly diverse business world but there is little published research to show how this affects business decisions and the strategies they adopt for working in this environment. KPMG commissioned Roffey Park Institute to conduct this research to investigate the impact of diversity on business beyond the Human Resources arena.

To find out what business leaders think, KPMG made introductions to over fifty senior business men and women whose views were sought in one-to-one interviews lasting for more than an hour. Read the full report to discover the findings.

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