The human voice of employee engagement

By: Jonny Gifford, Liz Finney, Jo Hennessy & Sharon Varney

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This study of employee engagement drills below the quantitative data of staff surveys to the human interactions and experiences that lie beneath them. What are the day-to-day influences that determine whether employees are ready to expend discretionary effort to support organisation’s goals? What are the psychological processes that underpin employee engagement? What does engagement look like at the coal face of daily working lives?

The research is based on in-depth focus groups with some 200 front-line employees and first line managers in four UK organisations: a county council, a housing association, a train operator and an insurance company.

Report highlights

  • A deeper understanding of the nature and psychological underpinnings of employee engagement
  • Employees’ personal experiences and perspectives on what engages and disengages them in their work
  • Insight into engagement in a range of organisational settings (public and private sector)
  • Guidance on what organisations must get right to engage employees with their work and with the organisation.

The report covers:

  • The crucial roles of line managers and senior leaders in engaging employees
  • How to manage organisational change in a way that protects employee engagement
  • The relationship between organisational culture and employee engagement
  • The workings of the two-way relationship between employees and their organisations that forms the bedrock of engagement
  • The importance of employees having a line of sight between their jobs and organisational objectives.

Who is the report for?

This report is essential reading for anyone working to develop a more engaged workforce or team, be they line managers, senior leaders or professionals working in HR or organisational development. It will be of particular relevance to those leading or implementing organisational change, but also offers more general insights into employee engagement and how to foster it.

Employee Engagement Surveys

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