The HR business partnership - how to engage line managers

By: Liz Finney and Jo Hennessy

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Report highlights

  • Views of line managers on the impact and benefits of HR business partnering 
  • How line buy-in influences the success of the model
  • How to secure buy-in and support from line managers
  • How HR can align its activities with organisational requirements
  • How HR business partners can operate at a strategic level
  • How to maintain and develop long term stakeholder engagement

What determines the success of HR business partnering more than any other factor is the relationship between HR and the line.  Line managers are therefore major stakeholders in HR business partnering. As more organisations consider adopting the model, or ponder how to increase its effectiveness, Roffey Park’s research looks at what happens when line managers are bought into the model, and what happens when they are not.  It offers practical steps to help HR engage more effectively with the line, demonstrating how the model can add real value to the organisation.

 The report covers:

  • How HR and the line vary in their perceptions of the model’s benefits.
  • How using change management techniques can deliver success.
  • The importance of robust support systems.
  • The importance of balancing support and challenge for line managers.

Who is the report for?

This report is essential reading for any HR professional involved in the implementation or operation of HR business partnering, whether in an HR director, HR business partner or other HR role.  It also contains much of interest for managers from outside HR, whose organisations are operating or considering the HR business partnering model.

| £20.00 GBP Buy Now |

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