Talent and the Generations Whitepaper

By: Michael Jenkins and Alex Swarbrick

There’s a new generation of leaders in organisations and a new generation entering the workforce for the first time.   There have always been generational differences but what’s unique today is that as Generation X step into the leadership shoes of Baby Boomers they will be facing the challenge of managing 4 or 5 generations in the workplace.

  • What do we mean by generations?
  • What are generational differences and are they media hype?
  • How will we source and retain talent from different generations?
  • What are the implications for leadership development?
  • What about new leaders and the leaders of tomorrow?

Drawing from our own research data collected this year in Singapore, UK and China and existing research that has been published on generational differences as well as our recent webinar, this white paper explores these questions.  Help us to continue the debate online by joining our LinkedIn group where we can share best practice, thoughts and ideas.




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