Living in a Matrix

By: Julia Wellbelove

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Why are some organisations better at implementing a matrix way of working?

How are some leaders more effective at operating in a matrix environment than others?

What can you do, as a leader or as an HR/OD professional, to support matrix working in your organisation?

Matrix working is rapidly becoming part of everyday life for many professionals. Leaders are increasingly being required to work across regional and functional boundaries. Clear lines of authority and control are being replaced by the need to deliver projects collaboratively. The ability to be resilient, to network, influence, communicate and build alliances are some of the tools of the trade for today’s leaders operating in a matrix.

In this research, we share with you an enabler model for effective matrix working which outlines the key organisational, leadership and individual characteristics that enable matrix working to succeed and we provide some top tips on how to live and thrive in a matrix.


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