Shedding New Light on the Genetics of Leadership

By: Jane Yarnall

Shedding New Light on the Genetics of Leadership was a joint third winner in Roffey Park’s Val Hammond Research Competition.

This research article aims to bring together recent findings in behavioural genetics and investigates what these discoveries are telling us about how leadership constructs might be shaped in the future.

Genetic studies are providing us with increasing knowledge about how our personality traits, intelligence, interests and even values are formed. Whilst genetic discovery is in its early days (and the interaction between our genes and the environment is extremely complex), the implications for leaders and HR practice are potentially enormous



The Val Hammond fund cements Roffey Park’s commitment to applied management research through expanding the diversity and reach of thinking aimed at improving the world of work. Val, formerly Roffey Park’s Chair and Chief Executive, is a keen supporter of Roffey Park’s proud tradition as a charitable research institute and is still deeply engaged in Roffey’s research work through her participation in Roffey’s research advisory group.


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