Towards more compassionate workplaces

By: Meysam Poorkavoos

In 2016 we published our first research paper on compassionate leadership called ‘Compassionate leadership: what is it and why do organisations need more of it?’. In that paper I identified the characteristics of a compassionate leader and the stages that may lead to an individual acting compassionately. The paper also included some evidence from previous studies about the benefits of compassion in the workplace which were used to build a business case for compassionate leadership. Over the past five years Michael Jenkins, the CEO of Roffey Park, and I have delivered a number of presentations and workshops on compassion in the workplace in various countries including the UK, Singapore, Thailand, Spain and Italy. Working on this topic helped us to realise even more how much potential the idea has for creating a better work environment. Based on conversations with colleagues in various fields and with audiences around the country we decided to launch this new study about compassion in the workplace. This study explores the following questions:
• How can we build a compassionate organisation?
• How do we build a compassionate culture?
• Where to start from, what might get in the way and what might help us in doing this?

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