Time To Talk About Mental Health

By: Roffey Park

Roffey Park is delighted to publish three articles as a result of the Wellbeing and Mental Health event at Roffey Park to market the Institute’s 70th anniversary in 2016.

The first article – What is Stigma – is the result of a collaboration between Kirsten Samuel, CEO, Kamwell Limited; Colin Minto, Director, APeopleBusiness; Dr Mark Winwood, Clinical Director, Psychological Health, AXA PPP Healthcare and Jacquie Findlay, Senior Partner, People In Partnership.

The second article – The Urgent Need For Leaders To Model the Right Behaviour –  is written by Nighat Sahi, Senior Solicitor, Sahi N Associates Ltd and Bark&co.

The third article – Let’s Talk About Workplace Stress and Mental Health – is written by Michael Jenkins, Chief Executive at Roffey Park.

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