Diversity and equality - implementing successful strategies

By: Claire McCartney and Adrian Lock

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A new research guide available from Roffey Park which:

  • Provides insights to help organisations implement a diversity strategy which is clearly linked to business objectives
  • Draws from new research and interviews with eight cross sector organisations, including AOL, Ford, Crown Prosecution Service and Royal Mail to illustrate diversity strategies that are sustainable and future focused
  • Emphasises the importance of senior leaders in implementing diversity and equality strategies

The aim of this guide is to investigate how organisations can implement successful and sustained diversity and equality strategies. Tackling the process in manageable stages, the guide discusses key points, such as developing a shared vision, taking a strategic approach, sharing ownership, and changing behaviour. From ‘Getting Started’ to ‘Measurement and Evaluation’, the guide provides practical advice, organisational examples and checklists, allowing readers to identify relevant points and tailor the content to their organisation.

There are five key sections:

  • Getting Started – developing and implementing a diversity and equality strategy can prove both complex and daunting for organisations. This section highlights what is often the biggest challenge, knowing where to start, and discusses the importance of developing a vision which is meaningful to all.
  • Making it strategic and systemic – this section highlights the key issues which are vital in implementing a
    strategy including developing a long-term focus, creating a clear link to business objectives and weaving
    diversity/equality into all people practices and processes.
  • Sharing ownership – the role of integrating diversity and equality into the business is far from simple. This is not something that HR or Diversity practitioners can do alone. This section covers how practitioners can actively build support and accountability right the way across the business.
  • Changing behaviour – this section looks at the various ways in which organisations can facilitate real
    behaviour and organisational change in order to create inclusive and supportive environments that move beyond the rhetoric of mere policy statements. It includes a focus on communication, consultation and learning and development.
  • Measurement and evaluation – this section looks at how measurement is vital in ensuring the success of
    diversity strategies because what ‘gets measured gets done’. It highlights a number of hard and soft measures currently adopted by the featured organisations to monitor and evaluate progress.

Who is this guide for?

The research illustrates that successful strategies are clearly linked to business objectives and mainstreamed into all organisational processes and people procedures, making diversity and equality part and parcel of everyday management. Therefore, the guide is aimed at a wide audience; from diversity and HR directors to senior managers and CEOs. The guide places particular emphasis on the importance of senior-level leadership, involvement and support, and suggests that diversity should become a part of leadership development.

| £20.00 GBP Buy Now |

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