Best practice in OD evaluation

By: Liz Finney and Carol Jefkins

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Report highlights

  • Unique research into the evaluation of OD interventions
  • Assessing the current state of play; is enough evaluation taking place?
  • How evaluation adds value
  • Twenty top tips from expert practitioners
  • An evaluation toolkit for practitioners

Best practice in OD evaluation investigates how we can evaluate the impact and effectiveness of organisational development interventions.  Evaluating within living systems isn’t straightforward but, as we emerge into a post-recession world, being able and willing to evaluate will be imperative if OD is to maintain and increase its credibility.

Roffey Park’s researchers have investigated how leading practitioners evaluate their work, collecting examples not of common practice, but of best practice.  This report provides practical guidance on how to use evaluation not just to prove return on investment, but to improve understanding and practice, to energise and inspire participants and practitioners, and to recognise and celebrate success.

The report covers:

  • What factors determine whether evaluation takes place.
  • Ten ways in which evaluation can add value to an intervention.
  • The challenges practitioners face in evaluating their work and advice on how to overcome them
  • A practical guide to specific evaluation tools and methodologies

Who is the report for?

This report is essential reading for anyone involved in organisational development; as a practitioner, commentator or business leader.

| £35.00 GBP Buy Now |