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Roffey Park Academy offers a range of postgraduate qualification programmes. They put you at the centre of your learning by:

  • aligning practice, theory with your context and experience
  • encouraging a collaborative approach to learning by using dialogic learning groups as forums for discussion, feedback, experience sharing and ideation
  • using a mix of taught components, online materials and self-directed group learning
  • focusing on impact and practice.

We are an associate partner of the University of Sussex who act as validating authority for our qualifications.

When you graduate from one of our qualification programmes you are not just receiving an academic certificate. Your learning experience will stay with you long after you finish. You will have greater confidence and capacity to build impactful interpersonal relationships and you will be able to make the right decisions, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Roffey Park Academy Qualifications

Masters in People and Organisational Development

An international masters qualification in organisational development delivered online


Postgraduate Diplomas

Postgraduate Diploma qualifications in Change Leadership, Culture and Sustainability and Organisational Learning

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