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Organisational Development Programmes

Want to develop your skills and practice in the field of organisational development?  Interested in learning organisational development fundamentals?

Roffey Park’s organisational development courses offer you a full pathway from the essentials of OD through to our online Masters in Organisational Development qualification.

Organisational Development puts people at the heart of organisations.  Together they create a positive and inclusive working environment, encouraging collaboration, removing inequality, increasing performance.  HR and OD enable people to thrive.

Roffey Park’s comprehensive organisational development courses are structured to enable you to develop your skills and practice.  Learning organisational development essential, practical and advanced skills and techniques many progress to our unique Masters in People and Organisational Development.  All our OD courses enable dynamic, collaborative learning based on real life cases and cutting-edge research.  Combining face-to-face and live online learning, our OD courses are international, accessible and strongly focused on practical application.  You will learn alongside OD and HR professionals from many different organisations worldwide, gaining the mind and skill-sets vital to your organisation’s most important asset – its people .

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Organisational Development Courses at Roffey Park

From understanding the basics of OD to leading strategic organisational development interventions that puts people in the centre, we’ve got an organisational development programme for you.

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Choose the right programme for you!

Organisational Development Essentials Programme

This OD Essentials course explores the basics of organisational development and the skills, knowledge and mindset you need.

Format: Open | In-House | Tailored

Aimed at anyone new to the field of OD or who simply wants to know more about what OD is and how it is used.

Organisational Development Practitioners Programme

Highly practical and in-depth course in OD that develops an understanding of what OD is with practical OD tools and techniques.

Format: Open | In-House | Tailored

Aimed at OD practitioners, change agents, managers and leaders.

Leading Organisational Design Programme

This organisational design programme equips you with the skills and understanding to do organisational design to deliver against its purpose, live its values and achieve its strategic goals.

Format: Open | In-House | Tailored

For Leaders, HR, OD or Change Managers who want to understand how to do contemporary organisation design successfully.

Masters in People and Organisational Development

An international online MSc in organisational development that puts people at the heart of organisations. The programme provides you with a thorough knowledge of organisational development theory and the skills and practice to lead transformational initiatives.

Format: Open

For senior HR, OD, Change leaders responsible for organisational transformation.

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