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Leadership and Management Programmes

Our world of work is changed. Not just through the pandemic but also due to the impact of technology and radical shifts in social attitudes towards work, the environment and sustainability.

Workforces are dispersed and virtual. People are isolated, tired and choosing to leave their organisations in droves. The pandemic shone a light on weak business practices but it also enabled creativity and energy to problem solve and transform.

And in the middle of this is you, a manager and leader of individuals, teams and organisations. Where does leadership start and management finish? What does your leadership achieve for others? How do you manage performance and outcomes in the face of persistent change?

The last 18 months have reminded us of the power of humans to adapt and change. We need first-class leadership and management like never before – are you up to the challenge?

Leadership and Management Courses at Roffey Park Institute

Roffey Park Institute takes a practice-based approach to leading and managing. To achieve this, our leadership and management training provide a clear, simple model of practice, which offers elegant, simple principles.

  • Leadership and Management are the integration of organisational purpose and operational process
  • Leaders come from a perspective of purpose. It drives values and feedback, and encourages external focus.
  • Managers come from a perspective of process. It drives performance, continuous improvement and internal focus.
  • Both purpose and perspective MUST combine to create successful organisational culture.

Successful future leaders must be able to manage, and successful managers must be able to lead. What changes is the context and the degree of each context for each leader or manager. Our leadership and management courses develop high performing leaders who can confidently manage, and managers who can confidently lead. At executive leadership levels in particular, this prevents the common disconnect felt between middle/ operational management and executive level leaders.

Choose the right leadership and management course for you!

Management Essentials

Respond to the challenges you and your team face by working on and practising the management skills you need

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Leadership Essentials

Develop behaviours and skills relevant to your organisation and leave ready to lead your team in a rapidly evolving workplace

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High Performing Teams

Develop high performing teams that collaborate to overcome challenges and get things done

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Resilient Teams and Organisations

Support your team and organisation to develop resilience in the face of challenge and change

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Manager as Coach

Inspire and empower through stronger and better relationships with your team and stakeholder

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Developing Influence and Impact

Focus on the key things that will make a big difference to your influence and impact, enabling you to flourish

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1-2-1 Personal Consultation

Want to find out more? We would be happy to discuss these programmes in more detail and answer your questions by telephone or an online meeting. Email us your details and we’ll get in touch with you

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