Why this workshop?

As OD practitioners we work within living systems of diverse individuals and groups which generate unique behavioural patterns and cultures. Any expert led, pre-determined design and formulaic approach is inherently at risk for those who are called to help. Being integrated, trusting one’s own inner resources, making discerning judgement in the “here and now” are all critical.   As Tannenbaum and Hanna (1985) pointed out  “Use of Self as social sensitivity – accurately reading the environment-action flexibility—having the capacity to act in different ways as appropriate to the situation.   More than mere technique.  UoS is an approach…that emanates from the core of the consultant.”  

Use of Self (UoS) has been a core concept in the practice of OD as we all either practice it, teach it or mentor and coach people to do it better.  As a result we invest our time and resources in improving our effectiveness but to what end?  If we can’t grasp the Use of Self as an experiential and philosophical concept, spell it out clearly and pragmatically can we really be sure that we’re having an impact?

The purpose of the workshop

The primary purpose of this two days workshop is developmental – to help participants gain a deeper understanding of how their Use of Self is working and how they can further their lifelong development of using themselves in a more potent way.

This workshop will support participants to:

  • Develop their own working theory on Use of Self – through their own action research into their practice experiences, dialogue with peers, self-reflection, and input from four input sessions.
  • Gain an improved and expanded knowledge of the concept so to support others – clients, staff and colleagues in their developmental journey.
  • Engage in a self-assessment process where they identify their areas of strength as well as areas needing further development. This will enable them to leave with a personal growth plan in this area of Use of Self.  
  • Identify what the field as a whole should do more of to grow a confident breed of sharp UoS practitioners.

The Learning Process

The processes of the workshop will focus on delegates doing their own work through reflection, with support from others individually and in small groups, as well as having collective dialogues to deepen the learning experiences as a connected community. We will also use peer group coaching to focus on individual participant’s development journey in their Use of Self.  Throughout the workshop, Mee-Yan will curate a rich learning experience through four key input sessions and six reflective and experiential activities, backed up by substantial learning material. Data from her global Use of Self research survey will be fed into the programme to strengthen understanding of what the concept means in a “UoS in action” framework.


Workshop Leader – Dr Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge

This workshop is led by Dr Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge a global authority on the field of OD.  Mee-Yan Is known as a “scholar-educator-practitioner” in the field of Organisation Development.

As an educator, she is a senior visiting Fellow of Roffey Park Management Institute and  the Singapore Civil Service College, a guest faculty on the Gestalt Certificate Programme, a faculty of the Duke University Executive Programme, and a Distinguish Scholar Guest faculty in St Thomas University in USA..   She was the dean of the NTL OD certificate programme for Europe for 11 years, Mee Yan regularly teaches in executive education programme as well in developing intact OD team.  She has upskilled close to 1500 HR practitioners on OD in the past decade.

As a scholar, she has published books, book chapters and journal articles that has impact on the thinking as well as practice among practitioners.   She was voted number 1 in 2018 Most Influential HR Thinkers, she also is the recipient of two Life Time Achievement Award – one from the US Organisation Development Network (ODN), and the other from the International OD Association (IODA).  She is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of ODP (Organisation Development Practitioners). Currently she is co-leading global research on the concept of use of self. The data from close to 700 respondents from 25 countries will offer significant insights as to how to grow and support practitioners to be potent agents of change.

As a practitioner, she has worked directly with a number of organisations across sectors, industry and global regions to deliver powerful transformational change, which is what she is known for. She led one of the world’s largest changes in the BBC, involving 17,000 people. She has led major cultural change in a number of global pharmaceutical, retail, energy and media organisations. Mee-Yan was the lead consultant to transform the state-owned multimedia organisation in the United Arab Emirates over 24 months, the lead senior international consultant working at the prime minister’s office of Singapore to lead in their nationwide public service transformation programme over 4 years.

One of the key themes that underline all her teaching, writing, research and consultancy work is her beliefs of the criticalness of how OD practitioners use themselves to effect changes in the systems.   Rather than relying on tools and methodology, Mee Yan believes it is the practitioners themselves that are the most significant intervenors when working in a complex living system which is shifting all the time.

While being firmly grounded in the study of the field of OD, Mee Yan is highly pragmatic and realistic about what HR/OD practitioners need to do to prepare organisations to be future ready. Those who work with her appreciate her sense of humour and ability to make complex issues accessible.

Programme director

Photo of Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge
Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge
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When, where and prices

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Horsham (London Gatwick), UK Horsham 2 Contact us Available £1500* N/A