At Roffey Park we believe that good leadership is fundamentally ‘an inside job’; it rests on self-awareness and self-management, identifying clear goals, engaging others, being a role model, initiating change and demonstrating resilience in an increasingly turbulent organisational world.

This programme provides personal development through action. It includes a series of inputs from Roffey Park’s experts that lead to a range of experiential activities building leadership competence. Participants explore the difference between supervision, management and leadership. We use specific psychometrics to help facilitate development. All these activities allow participants to experience, review and identify effective approaches to leadership. Ultimately, each participant is encouraged to find their own preferred effective leadership style. We then help participants create plans to implement that in the workplace, reviewing their progress on the programme follow-on day.

This programme is for those who would be traditionally seen as middle managers and are now moving into a more senior position and taking on more leadership responsibility. This role may be more complex than previously and may have more resources to manage. It now requires leaders to develop a sense of vision for their department or business unit and to operate more strategically.

Why should you attend this programme?

  • Understand how to articulate and demonstrate what is fundamentally important to be an effective leader
  • Develop the confidence, knowledge and skill to be an effective leader
  • Discover a range of leadership techniques and methods and how to apply them in practice


Delivery Formats

  • Face-to-face, in an open group, at one of our training centres
    You can select a start date and book here to follow one of our open programmes. This Emerging Leaders course is regularly offered in our centres in Horsham (near London Gatwick airport), Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester and Singapore. You will be amongst like-minded individuals from other organisations, so there is also an opportunity to compare notes and learn from your peers.
  • Face-to-face, in your own private group
    We can offer the same Emerging Leaders Programme uniquely for your organisation. We come to you, on-site or off-site, and deliver the standard programme, or even a custom version to further meet your organisational goals.
  • Live online
    We also deliver the exact same Emerging Leaders Programme through a rich blend of live, interactive online sessions, and pre- and post-reading and reflection. We use a range of up-to-the minute technologies, underpinned with our long-established learning management system. We provide a learning experience to remote, distributed or scattered teams with identical learning outcomes guaranteed. Live online programmes also save on travel time, accommodation fees and environmental impact.


 We can also run this programme as an in-house programme which can be real value-for-money for groups of six or more. 

To find out more contact the Client & Student Services team  by email or telephone 01293 854042

Business benefits

Effective leadership can be directly linked to increased profitability. By modelling good work behaviours, leaders generate more loyalty, motivation and team efficiency in those they work with.

Leaders who are more effective impact greatly on employees engagement at work which is linked to enhanced productivity.

I have attended several management/leadership programmes but The Emerging Leaders at Roffey Park has been the most insightful and valuable.

Richard Broughton, Corporation of Lloyds

An excellent experience which is clearly very well planned and executed, allowing for individuals to find their own ‘light bulb moments’  A very effective programme, giving you the space and framework to apply new ways of sharpening your approach .

Lisa Meyer, Capsule

Insightful, helpful, exhausting and challenging. Overall deeply satisfying. The journey was a mixture of highs, lows and light bulb moments.

Kirsty Armitage, EnergySys Limited

Programme director

Photo of Meysam Poorkavoos
Meysam Poorkavoos ,PhD, MSc, BSc
Meet the team

When, where and prices

Location Course Duration in days Dates Status Residential price Non-residential price Options
Horsham (London, Gatwick), UK All 2 Modules 5 to Available £2,500* N/A Book
Part 1 4 to Available N/A N/A
Part 2 1 Available N/A N/A
Horsham(London, Gatwick), UK All 2 Modules 5 to Available £2,500* N/A Book
Part 1 4 to Available N/A N/A
Part 2 1 Available N/A N/A