Successful organisations need strategic leaders with a clear sense of purpose, vision and direction, able to inspire and engage their teams to follow them into the unknown.  They also need strategic leaders able to step back from the whirlwind of day-to-day operations to do the strategic thinking necessary for their organisation’s long-term survival and success.

At Roffey Park we believe that strategic leadership skills are much more than understanding strategic models or tools.  It requires you to have a greater awareness of your strategy leadership style, its impact and how to get things done.  The stakes are high: as a strategic leader your decisions tend to be more risky, your actions more visible and your achievement of results more complex.

Course Overview

The Strategic Leadership Programme is a unique learning experience, over a nine month period, which focuses on you as a leader and develops your ability to lead strategically. The programme includes the opportunity to work with, and receive support and challenge from, other senior business leaders from a variety of sectors as well as a chance to get under the skin of different organisations and their strategic challenges.

Strategic Leadership – Programme Summary

Strategic Leadership programme is a unique learning experience over nine months for senior leaders who want to lead strategically and with impact.

Key features of our strategic leadership training programme:

Understand how who you are as a leader impacts on your ability to lead strategically.

Strategic Cycle Toolkit
Access throughout the programme, and for six months after, to a comprehensive online strategic cycle toolkit with 20 downloadable strategic tools to help write your strategic business plan

Strategic agility
Understand how to lead in complexity and uncertainty through leading by “letting go and stepping back”, tackling complex problems with ‘simple rules’

Organisational raids
Visit and delve into the strategic challenges faced by organisations in a variety of sectors different to your own.

Action learning sets
Work with a group of senior leaders to support and challenge each other on the key strategic challenges faced by your organisation.  Participants form strong bonds in their learning sets and often continue to keep in touch and support each other long after the programme ends.

Is this programme for me?

Strategic Leadership is ideal for senior leaders across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  This programme is for you if:

  • You are a Chief Executive or Managing Director of a small/medium sized organisation responsible for its strategic direction
  • You are a senior leader at a Director level in a large organisation who wants to develop their leadership and strategic skills
  • You aspire to be a Chief Executive or secure a Board-level role
  • You are a senior leader exploring the next step in your leadership career

Typical Participant Profile

What will you be able to do at the end of the course?

You’ll have explored some key strategic questions and some strategic tools that will enable you to develop a comprehensive strategic plan.

You’ll have built close relationships with a network of other senior leaders, gained an external perspective, and shared your experiences and learning journey – all in an environment of support and challenge.

Lead with clarity of purpose and impact
You’ll understand why strategic leadership is about who you are as a leader and your sense of purpose.

Disruptive thinking
You’ll have greater awareness of the increasing need to think and lead differently to tackle the strategic challenges facing organisations in today’s world.

Reflection and self-learning
You’ll spend quality time reflecting, learning and asking questions of yourself as a leader, your current and future leadership journey and have begun to answer these questions in the context of the strategic challenges faced by your organisation

Programme Team

Programme Director: Adrian Lock

Helena Clayton
Jo Hennessy
Ana Karakusevic
Toby Lindsay
John Woodward-Roberts

What would you like to do next

To find out more about the programme contact Juliet Batchelor.  We can also run this programme as an in-house programme which can be real value-for-money for groups of six or more. 

Contact Juliet Batchelor by email or telephone 01293 854059

Diagnostic tools used on this programme
Roffey Park Strategic Leadership 360, insights into your Myers Briggs Personality Type and its implications in times of pressure and stress

Benefits for Organisations:

On completing the Roffey Park Strategic Leadership Programme, your senior leader will:

  • Be able to step back, review their strategic approach and respond to opportunities and threats in pursuit of your mission and purpose
  • Have a clear sense of direction and an ability to develop strategy that is agile and responsive to changing conditions
  • Have increased personal awareness and understanding about their leadership impact and presence

Benefits for senior leaders:

  • Demystify strategy and increase your ability to think strategically by accessing a comprehensive online strategic cycle and toolbox
  • Gain an external perspective and learn from live business and leadership issues in organisations very different to your own
  • Be able to lead more confidently and authentically and with greater resilience
  • Increase your leadership impact and influence
  • Have a clear sense of the big strategic questions worth pursuing for your organisation and for yourself
  • Understand the connection between strategic leadership and your own strategy leadership style

“Not long after I came back from the course my organisation was undergoing a big governance review. The consultant and my boss, the CEO, and the President of the organisation all thought we should go down route A to do a certain thing and I didn’t, so on a conference call I had to tell them that I didn’t think they were right and explain why and to persuade them we did it my way. I don’t think I would even have tried to do that before coming on the programme. It’s given me a greater sense of authority and greater faith in my own judgment”.

Recent Participant

“Inspiring and thought provoking. The content has been relevant and challenging and the learning environment is great. The diversity of backgrounds, experience etc. has exceeded my expectations and provided some really useful insights. I can see it having huge benefits for colleagues.”

David Foster, Network Homes

Programme director

Photo of Adrian Lock
Adrian Lock ,BSc (Hons), DipTM, DipCoach, MCIPD, CertMed
Meet the team

When, where and prices

Location Course Duration in days Dates Status Residential price Non-residential price Options
Horsham 7.5 to Available £7,250* N/A Book

Programme Outline

Strategic Leadership is divided into three phases. Phase one consists of a three and half day residential workshop including three learning set meetings.  Learning set meetings then form phase two with the opportunity to explore strategic challenges of different organisations and receive support and challenge on your personal development journey.  Nine months after we began, we re-form back at Roffey Park as a whole group for the final phase.

Phase 1 – Strategic Leadership (3.5 days)

Beginning at 2pm, and after welcome and introductions, the programme starts by exploring high level strategic questions – around purpose and mission as well as what it means to be a ‘responsible leader’. We then form learning set groups who meet for the first time to create and share key moments that have made them the leaders they are today.

During day two we aim to demystify strategy using Roffey Park’s Strategic Cycle – an online model that offers 20 key strategic questions and 20 downloadable strategic tools that can help develop a well-informed strategy.  In the afternoon we map the field of leadership, delving deep into what is important to each individual leader, challenging them to answer the question: “why should anyone be led by you?” and to share their personal leadership visions. We finish Day 2 by helping leaders focus their energies on what matters most.

Day three continues to explore the nature of leadership, exploring “who am I as a leader?” using participant’s 360 degree feedback and MBTI reports to inform their conclusions, including identifying the most effective stress management strategies for different personality types. We finish day three by exploring the challenges of leading with agility in uncertain and complex environments and the challenge of navigating issues of power and politics.

The final day draws on lessons we can learn from the strategies of organisations that seem to thrive in uncertainty and provides a chance for leaders to apply the Seasons of Change diagnostic tool to a current change process. The day finishes with leaders agreeing and sharing their development commitments for the rest of the programme with their learning sets.

Phase 2 – Organisational Raids and Learning Sets

Learning set groups meet three times over throughout the next six months where they visit organisations represented by participants in the learning sets.  There are two elements to each set meeting.

The first is a session led by senior leaders at the host organisation which enables participants to understand and gain insights from the strategic challenges of organisations very different to their own.  Examples of recent visits include an international bank, an online retail warehouse, an animal sanctuary, a housing association and a global NGO.

The second part of each set meeting is dedicated to tracking progress on each leader’s learning commitments, offering support and challenge from both peers and the programme tutors.  Often these groups form a depth of relationship and shared experience that means they continue to meet long after the programme has finished.

Phase 3 – Strategic Stocktake and Review (1.5 days)

The final phase brings the whole group back together and gives them a chance to reflect on their learning journey over the duration of the programme. They also explore new topics on strategic leadership that include ‘leading with presence’.   Participants end the programme by considering the next steps of their development journeys, both as individuals and as a group, using the Holistic Development model.


We work across the world to support your needs wherever you are, adapting our style and approach to fit. Our hub in Singapore provides tailored and open programmes across the Asia Pacific Region. And we have team of consultants and associates across the globe, so the possibility of working with us is never far away.