Senior executives that lead their organisations successfully through the fourth industrial revolution need a different mindset, skillset and a different approach to leadership than those that prevail in many leaders today. They will need to learn to tap into the full human potential of their workforces, letting go of the need to control everything, or to over-complicate. They need to foster a distributed leadership that leads across boundaries, freeing people at all levels to take the initiative. This programme will help challenge executives to lead in a way that is ‘fit-for-purpose’ in this disruptive age.

Course overview

Roffey Park’s Senior Leadership Development Programme blends a mix of residential workshops, executive coaching, action learning sets and organisational raids over a nine-month period, with a chance for participants to craft the programme as it progresses.

This programme is for you if you are…

  • A senior executive or Director in a corporation responsible for a headcount of up to 100 to 200 and a budget of £million plus
  • An executive board level or C-suite leader in an SME or likely to become one soon
  • Willing to go deep to challenge your own leadership and management paradigm and receive support and challenge from peer level colleagues from other organisations
  • Wanting to release the potential of your workforce to meet the challenges of operating in a complex and disruptive environment

Programme Summary

Roffey Park’s Senior Leadership Development Programme consists of five elements over the course of 9 months:

  • An initial three-day residential workshop
  • Executive Coaching
  • Three half day peer-to-peer support and challenge groups
  • Optional reciprocal organisational raids hosted by a fellow participant in their organisation
  • A final three-day residential workshop

The dates of the coaching will be agreed between participants and the tutor and the dates of the Catalyst Days will be set up by the group in the first residential.

Delivery Formats

  • Face-to-face, in an open group, at one of our training centres
    You can select a start date and book here to follow one of our open programmes. This Senior Leadership Development course is regularly offered in our centres in Horsham (near London Gatwick airport), Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester and Singapore. You will be amongst like-minded individuals from other organisations, so there is also an opportunity to compare notes and learn from your peers.
  • Face-to-face, in your own private group
    We can offer the same Senior Leadership Development uniquely for your organisation. We come to you, on-site or off-site, and deliver the standard programme, or even a custom version to further meet your organisational goals.
  • Live online
    We also deliver the exact same Senior Leadership Development through a rich blend of live, interactive online sessions, and pre- and post-reading and reflection. We use a range of up-to-the minute technologies, underpinned with our long-established learning management system. We provide a learning experience to remote, distributed or scattered teams with identical learning outcomes guaranteed. Live online programmes also save on travel time, accommodation fees and environmental impact.

Benefits for participants

  • Broader understanding of the senior leadership style that will help your organisation succeed in a disruptive age
  • Broadened perspectives
  • Knowledge of how to use dialogue to change the culture of your organisation and unleash the power and creativity of your workforce
  • Improved resilience and more effective use of your energy
  • Increased self-awareness of your presence, leadership strengths and vulnerabilities

Benefits for organisations

On completing your programme your senior executive will

  • Be more attuned to leading their organisation across boundaries and respond effectively in an age of uncertainty and disruption
  • A more agile and collaborative approach to leading change
  • Be more able to bring their strengths to the executive team and more aware of what can derail them
  • Be able to flex their style and lead in a way that empowers others to lead and find their ‘Voice’

Programme director

Photo of Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams ,MBA, BA (Hons), FCIPD, CTA (Organisational), Fellow CIPD
Meet the team

When, where and prices

Location Course Duration in days Dates Status Residential price Non-residential price Options
Horsham (London, Gatwick), Horsham to Available £5,500* N/A Book
Part One 3 to Available N/A N/A
Part Two 3 to available N/A N/A

Part 1         First Residential Module (3 days)

Day 1: The Senior Leader in Context


  • to the programme, to each other

Leading in your context

  • What does it mean to lead in your context? What are your challenges?

Learning to Lead – Leading to Learn

  • the network effect of taking learning to action
  • forming the learning sets

Leading with Purpose

  • Logical Levels of Strategy
  • The Power of Purpose – the Art of the Deep Question
  • People, Planet & Profit – the Triple Bottom Line – tapping into the 21st Century dividend
  • Global trends – mapping your scenarios, risks and opportunities, crafting your response

 Day 2: The 21st Century Strategic Leader

Sharpening your strategies

  • what key strategic questions are you neglecting?

Learning to Dance Part 1 – Embracing emergence and uncertainty in strategy

  • Learning from the strategies of those that thrive in complexity and uncertainty

Learning to Dance Part 2 – Wu Wei – The Art of Effortless Leadership

  • Fostering simplicity and trust
  • The Art of ‘Getting out of their Way’ – developing your simple rules

Articulating a compelling shared vision – creating a ‘followership’

  • why should anyone follow you?

Day 3: The Adaptive Change Leader

Adaptive Leadership

  • Adaptive vs Technical Challenges
  • Adaptive Leadership Principles
  • Working with an Adaptive Change Process

The Dialogic Leader

  • Unleashing the creative power of dialogue in change
  • Taking and extending the learning into your organisation
  • Planning your next steps

Catalyst sessions in Virtual Action Learning Sets (3 x ½ day)

  • With organisational raids (optional)

Part 2: Final Residential Module

Day 1: Strategic Learning Stocktake

Learning review from Phases 1 & 2

  • what have you learned?
  • What has your organisation learned?

Navigating complexity

  • Power, Personality, Politics and Paradox
  • Being aware of your de-railers and what to do about them
  • Leading for culture shift – the senior leader’s role

Day 2: Leading for Innovation

Innovation Workshop

  • Fostering an innovation culture

Mindsets for innovation

  • The Power of Parallel Thinking

Day 3: Leading with Presence

The Power of your Presence

  • Becoming more aware of your leadership presence
  • Your ‘Three Brains’ and how to harness them

The Resilient Senior Leader

  • Looking after yourself – resisting the ‘Tops overload’
  • Finding and maintaining executive balance

Maintaining momentum

  • Planning your next steps

Need to customise this?

If this or any other programme is not quite what you’re looking for, remember that our consultants can customise an existing programme, or create a totally new one to fit your context. We can also deliver our open or custom programmes in-house at your office or venue of your choice.

Talk to us to find out more: Telephone 01293 854042 or email