Influencing and negotiation skills are imperative in today’s flatter organisational structures, because our success at work relies on the ability to influence with and without authority. This requires confidence, clarity of purpose and exquisite communication skills.

At Roffey Park we’ve been helping managers develop influencing skills and personal effectiveness skills for over seventy years.  Leaders and managers need to draw from a range of techniques and approaches to influence people in a positive, collaborative, team-focussed way. That way, the job gets done and everyone stays on board.

Course Overview

Personal Effectiveness and Power: Influencing people at work is a highly experiential programme which will provide you with a range of personal effectiveness skills and techniques to strengthen your workplace relationships. We will work with you to develop influencing skills, explore the influencing process and develop flexible influencing styles and communication strategies.  As a result you will be able to harness your personal power in the workplace as leaders and developers of others.

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Personal Effectiveness and Power: Influencing people at work – Programme Summary

Personal Effectiveness and Power: Influencing people at work is a firmly established programme that attracts a diverse range of participants who want to improve their personal impact, develop influencing skills and be more effective leaders or managers.

Key features of our four-day programme:

Personalised learning to individual participant needs
The programme design includes workshop time for each participant which enables them to discuss and work on their own learning needs.

Influencing skills in practice
Enhance your influencing skills by understanding the range of choices available to you and the nature of passive, assertive and aggressive behaviours.

Personal power and influence
Improve your understanding of your own personal power and how this enhances your personal effectiveness.

Relationships and politics
Develop skills and awareness of navigating organisational politics and relationship mapping to improve influencing and effectiveness at work.

Is this programme for me?

Personal Effectiveness and Power: Influencing people at work is aimed at middle to senior managers who want to improve their personal and professional effectiveness and work.  This programme for you if:

  • You want to be more effective at managing competing operational priorities
  • You recognise the need to improve your influencing skills and practice
  • You want to understand power dynamics and improve your decision-making skills
  • You want to improve your effectiveness as a leader
  • You want to be more successful at handling difficult conversations

Typical Participant Profile

Graph showing typical participant profile for personal effectiveness and power: influencing people at work

What will you be able to do at the end of the course?

You’ll understand the range of skills and choices available to you to improve your influencing skills

You’ll have increased confidence and ability to deal with challenging situations and relationship

You’ll improve your ability to gain buy-in from others and create the personal impact you want through increased leadership presence

Power and politics
You’ll understand the nature of personal power and politics and how to navigate to be more effective at work

Relationships at work
You’ll have a greater awareness of the nature and type of relationships you have and how this impacts on your ability to influence.

Programme Team

Programme Director: Ken Ingram

Adrian Lock

Cathy Korn
Chris Williams
Helena Clayton
Lesley Hudd
Sabine Stritch



What you’ll get out of Personal Effectiveness and Power

Personal Effectiveness and Power: Influencing people at work attracts leaders and managers who want to improve their influencing skills, communication strategies and relationships at work.  Participants leave the programme understanding how personal effectiveness will help them lead and manage high performing teams.

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We can also run this programme as an in-house programme which can be real value-for-money for groups of six or more. 

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Delivery Formats

  • Face-to-face, in an open group, at one of our training centres
    You can select a start date and book here to follow one of our open programmes. This Personal Effectiveness and Power course is regularly offered in our centres in Horsham (near London Gatwick airport), Dublin, Edinburgh, and Manchester. You will be amongst like-minded individuals from other organisations, so there is also an opportunity to compare notes and learn from your peers.
  • Face-to-face, in your own private group
    We can offer the same Personal Effectiveness and Power programme uniquely for your organisation. We come to you, on-site or off-site, and deliver the standard programme, or even a custom version to further meet your organisational goals.
  • Live online
    We also deliver the exact same Personal Effectiveness and Power programme through a rich blend of live, interactive online sessions, and pre- and post-reading and reflection. We use a range of up-to-the minute technologies, underpinned with our long-established learning management system. We provide a learning experience to remote, distributed or scattered teams with identical learning outcomes guaranteed. Live online programmes also save on travel time, accommodation fees and environmental impact.

Benefits for Organisations:

On completing Personal Effectiveness and Power training course, participants:

  • Will understand their impact on others and how to develop more effective relationships at work
  • Have a repertoire of influencing skills and communication strategies to be more successful at dealing with a range of situation.
  • Will have had the opportunity to tailor the programme to meet their individual needs
  • Will complete the programme with the ability to build high performing teams and better performing organisations

Benefits for you:

  • Grow your confidence and ability to deal with challenging situations and relationships
  • Develop an understanding of the range of skills and choices available to you to improve your influencing skills.
  • Be able to gain buy-in from others and create the impact you want through increased personal power, presence and influence
  • Understand organisational politics and know who to influence and how in the context of your organisation

This was without question the best training experience I have ever had. I felt that the combination of theory and practical application was brilliant. The facilitators were excellent. I believe that everyone, whether a leader or not should go on this course. It is such a valid foundation to understand yourself in life and work. How Often we create stories and build walls, to have these models of understanding and reflection is a privilege that everyone should have to fulfil potential

Claire Wilkinson, ActionAid

Fantastic! It has been a revealing and challenging 4 days; your thoughts, behaviours and actions are challenged to instil greater self-awareness in order to be successful.

Claire Fearn, Welcome Trust

Hugely positive. I was supported and challenged, in equal measure and at the appropriate times. I learnt a lot about myself and picked up some practical tools that I was able to apply immediately to help me overcome specific challenges that I’d been grappling with for a while, as well as feeling more confident in a range of scenarios.  An excellent learning experience in a fantastic environment.

Rob Burley, Clore Social Leadership

The programme has been eye opening for me on so many levels. Not only through what I went through but what the all the others experienced. It was the most relaxed and comfortable I have felt on a training course or in a group of people that do not know each other. There were a lot of valuable insights I gained during the four days. Most of them will be useful to me in this job or any future ones, but most importantly I think all will be helpful in my life in general.

Dobrin Neyko, Money Advice Service

Programme director

Photo of Ken Ingram
Ken Ingram ,MSc
Meet the team

When, where and prices

Location Course Duration in days Dates Status Residential price Non-residential price Options
Horsham 4 to Available £1,900* N/A Book
Horsham 4 to Available £1,900* N/A Book

Programme Outline

Image showing the programme outline for personal effectiveness and power: influencing people at work

Personal Effectiveness and Power: Influencing people at work consists of a four-day residential workshop.

Day one – individual influencing skills

On the first day, after initial introductions, you will explore what influence is as well as the behaviours and characteristics that are important to improving your influencing skills. During the afternoon you will begin to connect the nature of influencing with self-esteem and self-confidence.

Day two – influencing in groups

Day two explores the process of influencing in groups and provides an opportunity to practise the skills of observation and feedback whilst working in your group.  The programme explores the influencing horseshoe model to develop your knowledge and beliefs about the nature of passive, assertive and aggressive behaviours.

Day three – personal power

Day three connects personal effectiveness with personal power.  You will be able to assess your own personal power, how you might give power away and understand how to work with power constructively to improve your ability to get things done.

Day four – influencing in the workplace

The final day explores organisational politics and how to work with these to influence at an organisational level. You will explore networks and relationship mapping to understand who to influence and how to do it in the context of your own organisational culture.

Workshops – individual learning opportunities

During days two, three and four time is devoted to workshops which are designed as learning opportunities for each participant with the support of a facilitator and other members of the groups.  Examples of topics covered recently include:

  • Saying no and making requests of others
  • Building relationships when there is no common ground
  • Managing unhelpful and aggressive behaviours
  • Building more effective relationships by creating and maintaining rapport
  • Understanding the link between mind and body
  • The Personal embodiment of power