The capacity to stimulate and sustain Innovation is vital to organisational transformation but it will not succeed if it relies on one or two leaders, no matter how brilliant they are.  Many innovation building initiatives focus on the process of innovation, but they fail to acknowledge the personal role that leaders have in delivering success.  Delivered in partnership with The Innovation Beehive, this leadership training course will develop a leader’s capability to deliver successful organisational innovation.

Course Overview

Leading Innovation for Transformation is a high impact, multi-dimensional programme which builds understanding of the key knowledge and attributes needed to lead innovation and transformation.  Blending virtual and face-to-face learning, the programme will equip participants to confidently, responsively and collaboratively inspire and executive innovation-led change.

Is this programme for me?

Leading Innovation for Transformation is aimed at leaders who are needing and wanting to innovate in their organisation and recognise the importance of people in the process of transformation. This programme is aimed at HR, OD and L&D managers and leaders wishing to bring an innovation perspective to their partnering and development practice. It’s for you if you wish to develop innovation knowledge and strategy along with the mindset needed to encourage and sustain innovative behaviours in others.

What will you be able to do at the end of the course?

  • Communicate a compelling innovation and transformation strategy
  • Build internal innovation capability
  • Align multiple stakeholders around your action plan
  • Use your self-awareness and continue to reflect upon yourself, and the impact of your leadership style
  • Bring your strategy to life with best practice industry examples
  • Inspire and motivate others to go on the journey

Delivery Team

Cindy Cox
MSc, BA (Hons)
Senior Consultant – Roffey Park

Founder – The Innovation Beehive

Diagnostic tools used on this programme
Online Innovation Ecosystem Diagnostic and Online Innovator’s Profile

Benefits for Organisations

On completing Leading Innovation for Transformation, participants will:

  • Have an understanding of the skills, tools and methods to lead holistic innovation and transformation efforts
  • Have identified their organisation’s innovation strengths and weaknesses and developed a framework for an innovation and transformation strategy
  • Understand how to initiate and sustain organisational transformation through dialogue as well as strategy

Benefits for Leaders

On completing Leading Innovation for Transformation, you will:

  • Have a great self-awareness of your own personal Innovation Profile diagnostic
  • Understand the latest innovation and transformation thinking and best practice and know how to apply this to your organisation
  • Know how to build an innovation team and wider innovation network
  • Be able to create an innovation strategy by having a deeper understanding of your organisations innovation strengths and opportunities.
  • Have established a network of innovation and transformation practitioners
  • Have a greater understanding of tools to support your innovation and transformation programme


Programme director

Photo of Cindy Cox
Cindy Cox ,MSc, BA (Hons)
Meet the team

When, where and prices

Location Course Duration in days Dates Status Residential price Non-residential price Options
Horsham, UK Module 1 3 to Available £3,100* N/A Book
Module 2 1 to Available N/A N/A

Programme Details

Pre-work (0.5 day)  – Mapping Innovation Territory

  • Join the Innovation Landscape Webcast
  • Completion of The Innovation Ecosystem Diagnostic
  • Completion of the Innovator’s Profile

Personal report produced and shared to each participant prior to face to face module.

Module 1 (3 days)

Day one – Self

  • Meeting the group and intro to learning approach
  • Reviewing Innovator’s Profile
  • Considering personal leadership style and impact
  • Innovation behaviours
  • The role of the Innovation and Transformation Leader
  • Case Study stimulus: Innovation Leaders

Day two – Leading innovative teams

  • Leadership – Learning from Start Ups
  • Overview of Design Thinking
  • Goal Setting and managing uncertainty
  • Failing fast and learning
  • Building networks and creating corporate intrapreneurship
  • Beneath the surface of team dynamics and motivation
  • Innovation culture and creative confidence building
  • Case Study stimulus: Leading Innovation Teams

Day three – Leading innovative organisations

  • Building an Innovation Ecosystem
  • System diagnosis and change
  • Sustainable impact in complex uncertain environments
  • Case Study stimulus: Organisational Innovation and Transformation
  • Action planning – for self, team and organisation

Between Modules – An Innovation Community

  • Virtual Surgeries with facilitators
  • Digital sharing of learning and progress with peers

Module 2 (1 day)

  • Safari visit and session hosted by world class innovative organisation e.g. Air B and B, Google or similar
  • Updates and learning from action plan implementation
  • System diagnosis continued
  • Case Study stimulus: real-world experience from the group
  • Peer support and challenge on Innovation in-practice challenges
This high impact, multi-dimensional programme addresses the key knowledge and attributes needed to lead innovation and transformation. Importantly, that means what it takes to lead and innovate your self, as well as projects, teams, organisations or networks.

Blending virtual and in-person learning, the programme will equip participants to confidently, responsively and collaboratively inspire and execute innovation-led change. It kicks off with a web-cast and diagnostic pre-work, setting participants up to make the most of three days face-to-face, placing innovation insight and experience in the context of self, teams and organisations.

Our small group format allows for a high support and high challenge environment where resources and expertise from tutors and the peer-group can be directly applied to the individual and their unique situation.

After three days at Roffey Park participants return to work to implement their plans and apply their insights, with the support of surgeries or coaching calls for trouble-shooting, inspiration and further development, before coming back together 2 months later for an energising and reflective day, based on an Action Learning format located in a best-in-class London-based innovative organisation.

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