Course Overview

OD essentials is a one-day programme which explores the fundamentals of Organisation Development, its history and the nature of OD practice.  The programme provides an introduction to the function of OD and the role of the OD practitioner; including the key skills, knowledge and mindsets needed to become one.

The programme consists of four learning modules delivered either as a one day programme or delivered virtually as a series of 90 minute digital learning sessions:

>Mapping the Field of OD

>Diagnostic and Dialogic OD Perspectives

>Use of Self in OD Practice

>OD in Context

This programme is for you if:

  • You are a senior leader and want to understand the principles of organisational development so you can make more informed decisions about the use of OD expertise
  • You are in the field of HR or learning and development and want to understand your development needs within the context of an OD role
  • You are manager or leader leading change projects and are curious about how OD can help you in managing the change management process
  • You are simply curious about understanding what organisational development is and how it is used in organisations.

Delivery Formats

  • Face-to-face, in an open group, at one of our training centres
    You can select a start date and book here to follow one of our open programmes. This introduction to organisational development course is regularly offered in our centres in Horsham (near London Gatwick airport), Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester and Singapore. You will be amongst like-minded individuals from other organisations, so there is also an opportunity to compare notes and learn from your peers.
  • Face-to-face, in your own private group
    We can offer the same OD Essentials programme uniquely for your organisation. We come to you, on-site or off-site, and deliver the standard programme, or even a custom version to further meet your organisational goals.
  • Live online
    We also deliver the exact same OD Essentials programme through a rich blend of live, interactive online sessions, and pre- and post-reading and reflection. We use a range of up-to-the minute technologies, underpinned with our long-established learning management system. We provide a learning experience to remote, distributed or scattered teams with identical learning outcomes guaranteed. Live online programmes also save on travel time, accommodation fees and environmental impact.

Benefits for Participant

At end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Describe the underpinning principles, practice, aims and values of OD, for you and your context
  • Know the value of different OD roles and perspectives and use the them effectively
  • Connect the importance of how you ‘show up’ to your choice of OD intervention
  • Place your take on OD in a wider context and consider your next steps for greater impact

Benefits for Organisations

Participants will return to their organisation with an understanding of organisational development in practice to help them lead change projects or grow their practice in an OD role.

Programme director

Photo of Cindy Cox
Cindy Cox ,MSc, BA (Hons)
Meet the team

When, where and prices

Location Course Duration in days Dates Status Residential price Non-residential price Options
Digital Learning, Online to Full N/A £500 Book
Mapping the Field of OD Full N/A N/A
Diagnostic and Dialogic OD Perspectives Full N/A N/A
Use of Self in OD Practice Full N/A N/A
OD in Context Full N/A N/A
Singapore, Singapore 1 to Unavailable N/A N/A
Digital Learning, Online to Available N/A £400 Book
Mapping the Field of OD Available N/A N/A
Diagnostic and Dialogic OD Perspectives Available N/A N/A
Use of Self in OD Practice Availbale N/A N/A
OD in Context Available N/A N/A
Horsham (London,Gatwick), uk Horsham 1 to Available N/A £350 Book
Horsham (London,Gatwick), uk Horsham 1 to Available N/A £350 Book

Programme Details

Mapping the Field of OD

  • Gain an understanding of the foundations of OD practice
  • Define OD for you and your context
  • Reflect on where you are now as an OD practitioner and how you want to develop

Diagnostic & Dialogic OD Perspectives

  • Sharpen your awareness of the different roles OD practitioners play and the pros and cons of these
  • Assess the value and potential impact of diagnostic and dialogic OD approaches in your work

Use of Self in OD Practice

  • Be clear on the relevance of use of ‘self’ as an OD tool, and be able to experiment with use of self in practice
  • Be able to identify different levels and types of OD intervention

OD in Context

  • Notice and understand more about the changing context for OD
  • Identify and articulate the patterns that impact your workplace
  • Develop  your next actionable steps for your OD practice




We work across the world to support your needs wherever you are, adapting our style and approach to fit.  Our office in Singapore and Ireland provides tailored and open programmes across the Asia Pacific and Europe Region.  We have a team of consultants and associates based in our Head Office in Horsham as well as North West England and Scotland.

We also offer a range of digital learning modules on an open, in-house or bespoke basis including online individual and team coaching.  For more information please contact us.

Need to customise this?

If this or any other programme is not quite what you’re looking for, remember that our consultants can customise an existing programme, or create a totally new one to fit your context. We can also deliver our open or custom programmes in-house at your office or venue of your choice.

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