Organisation Development (OD) is rooted in the deep connection between the best business processes and structures and the people working with them. Practising OD means balancing economic growth and impact with human systems perspectives, building an agile, resilient and emotionally intelligent workforce, promoting compassionate, ethical and sustainable leadership and organisational practices, and having a clear sense of purpose. It is concerned with creating great organisations!

Course Overview

OD essentials is a one-day programme which explores the fundamentals of OD, its history and the nature of OD practice.  The programme provides an introduction to the function of OD and the role of the OD practitioner; including the key skills, knowledge and mindsets needed to become one.

This programme is for you if:

  • You are a senior leader and want to understand the principles of organisational development so you can make more informed decisions about the use of OD expertise.
  • You are in the field of HR or learning and development and want to understand your development needs within the context of an OD role
  • You are manager or leader leading change projects and are curious about how OD can help you in managing the change management process
  • You are simply curious about understanding what organisational development is and how it is used in organisations.

Delivery Team

Benefits for Participants

  • Gain an overview of the history of organisational development, its aims and values and how they connect to organisation design
  • Understand the principles of Use of Self and approaches to diagnose and intervene in organisations or networks
  • Develop your awareness of OD in practice through a range of organisational case studies

Benefits for Organisations

Participants will return to their organisation with an understanding of organisational development in practice to help them lead change projects or grow their practice in an OD role.

Programme director

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Cindy Cox ,MSc, BA (Hons)
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When, where and prices

Location Course Duration in days Dates Status Residential price Non-residential price Options
Cheshire 1 Available N/A £350 Book
Scotland 1 Available N/A £350 Book
London 1 Available N/A £350 Book
Horsham 1 Available N/A £350 Book
Singapore 1 Available N/A SG$450 Book
Horsham 1 Available N/A £350 Book
Horsham 1 Available N/A 350350 Book

Programme Details

Understanding OD

  • Mapping the field of organisational development
  • Principles of Use of Self
  • Overview of interventions, tools and techniques to use in practice

The Value of OD

  • Understanding the impact of OD at an individual, group and system level using case studies

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