HR Business Partnering is a widely accepted approach in today’s organisations. HR Business Partners must focus intently on the organisational goals of delivering value, driving change, and stakeholder satisfaction.

At Roffey Park we believe you can achieve all this and more, without quitting the values that make you a talented HR professional. You’re going to need a resilient mind and a compassionate heart to make this business partnering role a success and we’re here to help.

Course Overview

The HR Business Partner Skills course will give you a comprehensive range of practical tools and skills so you provide challenge and support to business leaders within your organisation. We focus on your own human relationships with other business leaders to provide you with your own, unique HR Business Partnering formula.

Listen to our programme faculty and a recent participant discuss our HR Business Partner Skills programme


HR Business Partner Skills Course – Programme Summary

The HR Business Partner Skills Course draws on Business Partnering, Consulting, and Influencing models to help you envision what kind of HR Business Partner you want to be, and gives you the skills needed to be that successful HR Business Partner.

Key features of our unique three-day programme:

Transactional vs Strategic Skills Development
Consider the tension between these two aspects of the HR Business Partner role and develop tools to support a more strategic focus

The Power to Influence
Enhance your political skills and cultivate influence by working with professional actors on your real-life scenarios between HR and other business units

Become More Confident
Grow self-assurance and improve your relationships with internal stakeholders

Feel your value, share your practice
Backed by your facilitators and fellow HR Business leader participants, learn to create more value for yourself, your team and your organisation, and see trust develop at work

Stay Resilient
We’re all about ensuring you remain resilient as a human being. We teach you how

An eye on the future
Using future forecasting, we ensure your learning is contemporary, adaptive and instantly applicable to your changing context

Is this programme for me?

The HR Business Partner Skills course is a gateway programme ideal if you are looking to move your career into a Senior Business Partner role. This programme is for you if:

  • You’re a Junior HR Business Partner, or you’ve just moved into a senior position
  • You’ve got experience as an HR Business Partner, but need to keep evolving your skillset
  • You’re from a centre of expertise and need to understand it from an HR perspective
  • You want to develop your BP skills and improve relationships with clients and customers
  • You need to be more confident more credible, and influential at the pan-organisational level
  • You’re looking to be more strategic and less operational and transactional
  • You aspire to be a Senior HP Business Partner soon

This programme is flexible enough to accommodate your needs whether you have a generalist or centre of expertise partnering background.

What will you be able to do at the end of the course?

You’ll be able to articulate what being an HR Business Partner means for your business and yourself, being clearer with your internal customers and clients

You’ll be better at building stronger, deeper, influential relationships with your clients, giving them a longer-term, more business-focussed service

You’ll be better able to say no to transactional work that takes you away from your key role

You’ll be more conscious of the need to have a big picture view and conscious of the need for strategic thinking

You’ll have built a close network with other HR Business Partners, shared your experiences and ideas, and realised that challenges are very common, even from very different industries and sectors

You’ll have experienced a proper decompression from the pace and busyness of your HR Business Partner role, and have more language, tools and skills to take home

Delivery Team

Programme Director:  Vanessa Williams

Catherine Shepherd
Sue Binks
Barbara Kenton
Moira Nangle
Ian Williams
Jane Yarnall

Diagnostic tools used on this programme

Roffey HRBP 360, Roffey Park’s Resilience Cabability Index

What you’ll get out of the HR Business Partner Skills Course

What people love about our HR Business Partner programme is the mix of activities, the whole package. ‘It’s not just me!’ is the biggest surprise for people, closely followed by ‘The world didn’t end when I took three days out of the office!’.

At Roffey Park, our experts are here to get the best out of you so you can give the best back. Sign up today.

What would you like to do next

We can also run this programme as an in-house programme which can be real value-for-money for groups of six or more. 


Client & Student Services team by email or telephone 01293 854042

Read our Guide to HR Business Partnering

Delivery Formats

  • Face-to-face, in an open group, at one of our training centres
    You can select a start date and book here to follow one of our open programmes. This   HR Business Partner Skills course is regularly offered in our centres in Horsham (near London Gatwick airport), Dublin, Edinburgh, and Manchester. You will be amongst like-minded individuals from other organisations, so there is also an opportunity to compare notes and learn from your peers.
  • Face-to-face, in your own private group
    We can offer the same HR Business Partner Skills programme uniquely for your organisation. We come to you, on-site or off-site, and deliver the standard programme, or even a custom version to further meet your organisational goals.
  • Live online
    We also deliver the exact same HR Business Partner Skills programme through a rich blend of live, interactive online sessions, and pre- and post-reading and reflection. We use a range of up-to-the minute technologies, underpinned with our long-established learning management system. We provide a learning experience to remote, distributed or scattered teams with identical learning outcomes guaranteed. Live online programmes also save on travel time, accommodation fees and environmental impact.

Benefits for Organisations:

On completing Roffey Park’s HR Business Partner Skills, your HR Business Partner:

  • Can combine strategic business capability with excellence in the delivery of day-to-day solutions
  • Will create synergies with other leaders to shape, steer and advise on HR solutions
  • Has enhanced consultancy skills to enable them to work with and build trust with line managers
  • Can activate and realise HR strategies adapted to each of their key stakeholders
  • Will complete the programme with self-confidence, clarity on what their role is (and isn’t) and resilience
  • Will have a good understanding of the holistic role of HR Business Partnering, and how this might evolve in the future

Benefits for HR Business Partners:

  • Increase your ability to apply a commercial and strategic lens to your role
  • Enhance your consultancy, influencing and political skills
  • Build your credibility and confidence
  • Grow your network of like-minded HR Business Partners in parallel roles
  • Understand the evolution of the Business Partnering model, and possible future directions

The programme has been invaluable. A lot of insight as to “what needs to change” was made possible. It has given me good direction.

Vandana Menon, Cyient Europe Limited


There are plenty of professional management tools introduced during the three days’ workshop. They helped me a lot on how to convince and influent our stakeholders. Real actors simulations impressive me very much, in which I can practice learned skills into this session. I can apply these learned methodology and tools to add HRBP’s value.

Jane Yang, Nestle China

Programme director

Photo of Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams ,MBA, BA (Hons), FCIPD, CTA (Organisational), Fellow CIPD
Meet the team

When, where and prices

Location Course Duration in days Dates Status Residential price Non-residential price Options
Horsham 3 to One place remaining £1,750* N/A Book
Horsham 3 to Available £1250* N/A Book

Programme Outline

Our HR Business Partner Skills programme consists of a three-day residential workshop, with optional virtual follow up coaching with a facilitator. The course works within a framework of ‘Head, Heart and Hands’:

Day one is concerned with trends in Business Partnership and different applicable models (Head). Day two, focuses in on you as an individual human being. What kind of HR Business Partner do you to be (Heart). Day three is all about providing you with the custom skillset you need to be a successful HR Business Partner based on your business context and your unique character and mindset (Hands).

Day 1 – Current and Future State of Business Partnering

On the first day of your HR Business Partner Skills Course you’ll address the changing nature of HR Business Partnering, with the rise of Globalisation and Artificial Intelligence. You’ll be assessing yourself against this and looking at the big-picture context.

You’ll be asking yourself who are your stakeholders? Who are your internal customers and clients? What are your relationships with them like and how would you like those relationships to look? What’s the difference between being an operational and a strategic business partner, and how do you stack up against that? You’ll then be given the tools to help you become even more strategic.

An individualised coaching approach is initiated on day 1. We’ll work out what your projected outcomes for the programme are and how can we help you realise your goals and deal with current issues. Perhaps you’re having a tricky time with particular stakeholders or you might just be too operational and can’t get to any of the strategic things on your list. Maybe the systems and processes within your organisation aren’t good enough for you to be an effective business partner, or that your line managers aren’t skilled enough to manage their people so expect you to do their job for them.

Day 2 – Creating and Adding Value

On day 2 we look at the skills you have and need around creating and adding value. We’ll be showing you influencing skills, political awareness, and looking at the type of consultant you want to be. Are you an expert, a pair of hands or collaborative?

Experts have the knowledge at their fingertips, whilst a pair of hands might slavishly do whatever their counterpart is requesting? Collaborative HR Business Partners will do things slightly differently.

We use a 360 diagnostic tool to ensure that by the end of day 2 you’ll have a very clear idea of what your skillset is, what your strengths are that you can play on, and whether there any development edges that might be holding you back. We’ll then give you the tools and frameworks to improve the skills you might be missing.

Day 3 –Resilience Training and Coaching Skills

Day 3 covers in depth skills practice with resilience training. In the morning you’ll spend half a day with an actor in small groups, rehearsing scenarios and getting feedback from the actor and other participants. This enables you to have at least an hour’s practice yourself and three hours in total of observing scenarios with others.

You’ll then work on coaching for action planning. You’ll be working with one of your peers, taking it in turns to present your action plan for what you’ll be implementing when back at work and being coached on it. So you get feedback on your coaching skills and get coaching in return on your action plan.

In the afternoon you’ll cover resilience training. We’ll be looking how you adapt to stressful situations. Do you have the ability to manage a large workload? Are you paying attention to how you cope with change? Are you able to recover quickly from adverse experiences?

Resilience is as relevant now as it has even been as we juggle a workplace that is disruptive and ever changing, with the demands from home. Based on robust research Roffey Park has developed the Resilience Capability Index (RCI), a short online tool to help you assess your own resilience capabilities across five domains.