We all know that the world is becoming more volatile and uncertain and how organisations respond needs to be quicker, more creative and adaptable than ever before. As a leader you may know a lot about how to land change as a project, but may be frustrated that despite all your skill and best intentions, changes don’t seem to bring the benefits your organisation is looking for. Numerous books and programmes out there seem to give answers; the ‘how to’ of change leadership. But change leadership in this complex world is less about finding answers and more about asking the right questions.

This practical programme explores what’s really going on underneath the surface during change and examines ways that you can influence those dynamics. One of the key frameworks we use is Adaptive Leadership, based on the work of Heifetz and Laurie (Heifetz, 2001), with 30 years’ worth of research behind it. These deceptively simple principles help you as a leader to ask the right questions, and start to work collaboratively to find good enough answers to move you on a step. This is not a quick fix, but it will give you a much deeper understanding of what is happening on a number of different levels, with greater confidence to navigate through your organisational change.

Why should you attend this programme?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of different aspects of change: the technical and the adaptive
  • What you can learn from how and why colleagues seem to ‘resist’ change
  • How you can understand different agendas, both overt and covert, and influence them productively
  • Legitimate concerns around change and how they can be used positively
  • What it takes of you as a leader to be someone who others trust to follow
  • Understanding your own Immunity to Change (Kegan, 2009)


Watch our recent webinar on change

To find out more about Roffey Park’s reflections on change, watch our recent webinar entitled “The Myth of Resistance to Change”.

I have identified very clear areas to challenge myself and to improve my vulnerable areas. A sound underpinning of methodologies to inform my approach and decision making. It opened the question and made me consider what kind of leader I want to be.

Jessica Kirbell, Heathrow Airport

Programme director

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Sue Binks ,MSc, BSc
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