Humans aren’t resources and organisations are complex, dynamic human systems increasingly required to be agile in their relationship with their external environment, customers, stakeholders and workforce.  The Human Resource Management paradigm has been challenged and the imperative now is for a people, agile and a systemic focus.  It requires Human Resources to re-imagine its role not only in relation to individuals but to the whole system, both internal and external, and what this means for careers, reward, recruitment, retention and diverse generational expectations.

At Roffey Park, we believe that HR’s contribution to organisational success has never been more relevant and more required – this HR training and development programme can help you succeed for the future.

Course Overview

Roffey Park’s Agile HR Skills training and development programme equips you with a core understanding of what agile means for organisations, for HR and provides the tools and techniques to build the agile capability of your organisation.

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Agile HR Skills – Programme Summary

Agile HR Skills is a two-day HR training and development programme in Singapore and Hong Kong.  Key features of the programme:

Underpinned by research
The programme draws from the work by Linda Holbeche – The Agile Organisation – as well as Roffey Park’s own research in organisational resilience, change and human resource management

Highly practical and relevant
We draw from research to share practical tools, frameworks and models and you’ll begin to understand how to apply these back at work.

The programme content and approach ensures your learning is contemporary, adaptive and can be applied to your organisation and context

Is this programme for me?

Agile HR Skills is aimed at senior HR professionals in private and public sectors. This programme is for you if:

  • You are looking for a HR training and development programme that builds on your existing HR skills but is future focused.
  • You are a senior HR manager responsible for transforming your organisational culture and want to understand how an agile approach can help.
  • You are a change agent and want to improve the success of change initiatives in your organisation

What will you be able to do at the end of the course?

Lead organisational transformation programmes
You’ll understand how to enable ‘change-ability’ in your organisation by diving deeper into the human dimension of change and transition

Develop your agile HR capability and mind-set
You’ll gain, and have practised, practical tools to develop your agile HR and agile leadership capabilities and have begun to understand how this impacts on HR processes such as talent management and performance management

Grow agile organisations
You’ll gain an insight on how to build, grow and develop agile organisations through its culture, leadership capabilities and through a reimagined HR purpose.

What you’ll get out of the Agile HR Skills training programme

Agile HR Skills attracts senior HR leaders who are future-focused and want to move away from traditional human resource management approaches.  Participants leave Agile HR Skills with insights and practical knowledge that will enable them to develop agile approaches in their organisations.  At Roffey Park, our experts are here to get the best out of you so you can give the best back. Sign up today.

Delivery Team

Programme Director: Alex Swarbrick

Delivery Team: Linda Holbeche


To find out more about the programme, please contact Paul Blake by email or telephone 0065 6549 7840.  You can also download our free whitepaper – Reimagining HR.

We can also run this programme as an in-house programme which can be real value-for-money for groups of six or more.  To find out more please contact Paul Blake by email or telephone 0065 6549 7840. 

To find out more about the programme, please contact Paul Blake by email or telephone 0065 6549 7840.  You can also download our free whitepaper – Reimagining HR.

We can also run this programme as an in-house programme which can be real value-for-money for groups of six or more.  To find out more please contact Paul Blake by email or telephone 0065 6549 7840. 

Programme Leaders

Linda Holbeche, PhD

An established thought and practice leader in the fields of leadership, strategic HRM, organization design and development, Linda Holbeche is passionate about helping organisations and individuals achieve sustainable high
performance. Previously Director of Research and Policy at the CIPD, of Leadership and Consultancy at the Work Foundation and of Research and Strategy at Roffey Park, Linda is now co-Director of The Holbeche Partnership, a research-based development consultancy. As consultant, coach and developer, her clients include a range of UK and international organisations. Linda also sits on various HR Advisory boards, is Visiting Professor at Cass, Imperial College, Bedfordshire and London Metropolitan University Business Schools, Fellow at Roffey Park and Associate at Ashridge and Erasmus Business School and Associate Director of Mightywaters Consulting, an OD consultancy.

Alex Swarbrick

Roffey Park’s regional director based in Singapore, Alex Swarbrick is an experienced manager, consultant, facilitator and executive coach, combining a career in HR with over 15 years in leadership development. Before moving to Singapore, Alex was the Programme Director of Roffey Park’s Graduate Certificate in Business Partnering, and our HR Business Partner Skills programmes, as well as co-leading our Strategic HR programme. Alex works with organisations across sectors helping develop their HR practitioners and HR functions. In addition to designing and facilitating programmes for HR professionals, and speaking at HR events, Alex writes on-line and for HR journals on HR topics, most recently on the ‘Re-imagining of HR’, exploring the impact of global trends on organisations, working life, and the future for HR. He has a particular interest in intercultural leadership, having designed and run leadership development programmes in 7 countries across Asia and over 20 countries worldwide.

Benefits for Organisations:

On completing Agile HR Skills, participants will:

  • Understand how to enable greater organisational agility and resilience
  • Understand that agility is a mindset
  • Be more confident and effective in understanding how to deliver successful organisational change
  • Understand how to collaborate and be a more effective change agent
  • Know the connection between organisational, leadership and individual capabilities

Benefits for HR Leaders:

  • Understand how to apply practical frameworks and tools to enable greater agility in your own organisation
  • Enhance your self-awareness of the external challenges and opportunities facing your organisation
  • Build your confidence in developing organisational change initiatives that cut through change fatigue and engage people in success.
  • Learn how to shift your mind-set away from ‘predict and control’ to ‘sense and respond’.

The Agile HR training programme was very relevant and engaging with a wide range of tools, models and examples shared.  I’ve gained a greater understanding of Agile and understand how to use this approach in HR and my organisation.

The Agile HR training programme has given me the inspiration to garner and advocate change in my HR team and organisation. I enjoyed learning from participants’ experiences and understanding the practical tools which I can implement in my organisation.

Programme director

Photo of Alex Swarbrick
Alex Swarbrick
Meet the team

When, where and prices

Location Course Duration in days Dates Status Residential price Non-residential price Options
Asia Pacific, Dates 2 Contact us Available N/A N/A

Programme Outline

Agile HR Skills programme diagram

Agile HR Skills is a HR training and development programme which takes place over two days.

Day one

On the first day after introductions, we start by exploring the bigger picture to understand the key economic and demographic influences shaping organisations today and in the future.   We’ll explore the nature of organisational culture in an agile context and what this means for participants’ organisations.  We then look at traditional and emerging leadership perspectives and apply these understanding and developing agile leadership capabilities.

Day two

Day two starts with a learning review, reflection and question time.  Participants will then understand how to enable successful change by diving deeper into the human dimension of change and resistance to change.  We then look at the agility of HR and how to apply this to processes such as talent and performance management.  Participants then work on identifying their next steps in applying their learning back at the working through a peer consulting process.