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At a time where our environment, context, focus and support system have radically changed, how can you transform crisis into opportunity? Coaching is one approach that can help as organisations that have a coaching culture are more likely to be high performing.
Coaching has become increasingly used within organisations to provide a learning experience for managers and leaders where complexity and change is ever increasing. Having to hold situations where no clear solution is immediately evident is often stressful for managers who historically deal with the certainty of process and outcome.

In this Stabiliser Session you will:

  • Hear about the variety of applications of coaching and active support that can be implemented online.
  • Listen and participate in group conversations about how coaching is being used in organisations to support strategic direction and success.
  • Demystify and debunk some of the traditional barriers to entry if you are considering developing a coaching culture in your organisation.

Our Stabilise Open Space Session will explore the variety of methods and techniques that are being used right now in organisations.  We will discuss what types of online business coaching beyond traditional one -to one can be deployed online, what are the differences in online business coaching practices and approaches, how can coaching support team building and connectedness in a time of flux.


Timings and fees

Each session will run for 75 minutes

£20 per person