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As a result of Covid 19, there has been a change in how we interact with and stay connected to each other has posed a challenge and upset our normal routines. In our working lives we are being asked to reorient, to change how we get things done and to work together by staying apart.

Although for some, new ways of working and new ways of communicating may heighten the sense of connection, questions around boundaries arise. How do we adjusting and aligning priorities, to keep the business running while taking care of the wellbeing of staff? How do we ensure that staff have someone in the organisation to talk to about their anxieties and fears? How can team members support each other and build communities that combat the effects of stress and social isolation?

Many people have shared stories of their experiences with us. Stories of worry, guilt, confusion and stories of hope. The initial change and newness of this situation will challenge us and yet, we will find ways to adapt and evolve our routines and practices. This is a time when we need to draw on our reserves to keep moving forward, as a means of supporting ourselves and others. Understanding how to connect interpersonally to bolster levels resilience will ensure that we remain well, productive and hopeful.

The purpose of this Open Space is twofold.  It is a place to share our concerns and ideas.  But just as importantly it is a place in which we can consider new possibilities.  At Roffey Park we know from many years research in this area, the importance of developing resilience in staff, teams as well as at an organisational level. We can reflect on the reality of staff and build from there towards a more resilient and productive place.


Timings and fees

Each session will run for 75 minutes

£20 per person