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14 January 2020

Enjoy a fast-paced, business simulation that changes people and organisations for the better

The Organisation Workshop™ is a highly participative, immersive one-day experience based on Barry Oshry’s work on power and leadership.  It’s an intensive experiential event that gets to the heart of collaboration in organisations – what enables it and what gets in the way of people working together to get the job done.

It starts with participants being assigned roles in an organisation as tops (senior leaders) with overall responsibility for the organisation, middles (middle managers) and bottoms (individual team members).  There are customers and potential customers with projects for the organisation and money to pay for services.  Added to that time pressures, conflicting demands and priorities and it feels very real, very fast.

The Organisation Workshop mirrors the real-world issues faced by participants.  They recognise their own organisation during the workshop and, as a result, they can identify what might be possible if barriers to productive partnerships can be overcome.

As a result, participants will:

  • Have an improved self-awareness of their role within their organisational system and practical strategies to improve their personal effectiveness at work
  • Understand the issues that others in their organisation are facing and know how to deal with them productively
  • Know the importance of partnership working up, down and across the organisation
  • Have had a fun but profound learning experience that will stay with them

If you are a senior leader, HR or OD professional with responsibility for culture change or change management within your organisation, this workshop is for you.

Enjoy our early bird offer of SGD$150 for bookings received before Friday 9 December 2019.  Places are very limited, so book early to secure your place

The programme fee includes tuition fees, materials and meals.

Watch this video from Power+Systems to find out more

To contact our Singapore office, telephone +65 6549 7840 or email the team

Timings and fees

10 am to 5 pm

in Singapore – venue to be confirmed

Earlybird fee: SGD $150 for all bookings received by 9 December 2019.  Places are very limited so book early to secure your place

Fee: SGD$750