If you are in the business of making change or helping teams and individuals work more effectively, HSD is a simple, but powerful approach that will enable you to take informed action that delivers results.

Event details


12 May 2020

Human Systems Dynamics is a compact and highly practical approach to working with complex issues. This session will be facilitated by Griff Griffiths

During this session we will:

  • see where complex issues and challenges sit on the landscape of problems we are faced with today
  •  explore some tools we can use to unpack complex issues and identify potential points of influence
  • understand how work with complex issues from the point of view of process – how do we plan, track, manage? – in order to continue to influence them over time

The session will be illustrated with real-life examples from different contexts and at different scales.

Who is this session for?

Those with responsibility for leading change, such as HR professionals, organisational change agents, consultants and OD practitioners will find it useful, as will anyone facing intractable problems or complex challenges where existing solutions do not seem to work well.

The session serves as an introduction to HSD and to the longer HSD Professional certification programme at Roffey Park later this year, which Griff co-leads.

Griff is a Consulting Associate at the HSD Institute and an Associate at Roffey Park, working mostly with the NHS, local and central government. He’s helped clients grapple with diverse complex issues such as housing and poverty, leadership evaluation and network development.

Timings and fees

Midday – 4 pm

Venue – TBC