A range of qualifications tailored for your organisation validated by University of Sussex.

We offer a range of qualifications, all of which are validated by the University of Sussex:

Graduate Certificates in:

Postgraduate certificate and diploma in leadership and management.

An MSc in People and organisational development.

What’s different about our approach?

All of our programmes share a common learning and assessment strategy that puts participants in charge of their own learning. There is no set syllabus and all content can be tailored to the client’s needs. All programmes provide a mix of relevant content and require evidence of application.

What are the organisational benefits?

Organisations benefit from:

  • the improved knowledge and competence of participants.
  • improved retention and development of talent.
  • programmes with in-built return on investment measures.
  • content developed in partnership and delivered by experts.
  • recognition for their people through a fully validated and portable award.

What does Roffey Park’s learning strategy involve?

It incorporates key elements of self-managed learning. It requires people to take a strategic approach to their learning by scoping out where they are now, where they want to get, how they will get there; and the success criteria for knowing they have delivered. In this the learning strategy models the leadership and management task.

Practically this involves –

  • A diagnostic stage: At the start of a programme participants review their current knowledge and competence in the area of study (the personal statement)
  • Mapping the field: modular inputs delivered by experts in the area to be studied. This content is shaped by participants, the organisations they work for and Roffey Park. There is no pre-determined syllabus.
  • Learning goals: participants decide skills and knowledge they want to develop and how their achievement will be assessed
  • A Portfolio of evidence: this provides evidence that participants have met the learning goals they have set. It provides confirmation of applied learning and organisational benefit.
  • A Review of the overall learning journey
  • Learning sets: These small groups of up to 7 learners are facilitated by an experienced member of Roffey Park’s consultant team. Working in sets requires agreeing standards, planning, assessing and critiquing work.

What is the core content?

Aside from equipping people with the study skills they need to succeed on the programme, none. The content is only confined by the broad area of study. It can be tailored to the needs of a particular group and organisation. Roffey Park will work with you to design the programme and ensure the content is relevant. We have expertise in designing programmes and the subject areas to be studied.

How are the programmes structured?

Diagram showing the structure of a graduate certificate

Structure of a Graduate Certificate

Graduate certificate Postgraduate certificate in leadership & management Postgraduate certificate in coaching
Modular content 5-6 days 6-7 days 8 days
Learning sets 2-3 days 5-6 days 5 days
Duration 6-18 months 9-18 months 9-18 months
Portfolio size 5-8,000 words 10-12,000 words 10-12,000 words

People can progress from the Postgraduate certificate in leadership and management to the Postgraduate diploma. Completion of the diploma requires additional input and the production of a dissertation or an applied piece of management research.

The MSc in people and organisational development is a 2 year programme of 40 days of combined residentials and learning sets.

How work is assessed?

There are no written exams and a simple pass/fail. The set acts as the internal examiners for the programme. Participants get initial feedback on their assignments to help them get to the required standard. This is a rigorous and challenging process that ensures participants develop excellent feedback and assessment skills.

External examiners appointed by the University of Sussex are responsible for reviewing a sample of all work to ensure participants are working to the required standard.

What is the level of award?

The Graduate certificates are equivalent to 60 credits at level 6. The Postgraduate certificates are equivalent to 60 credits at level 7. The MSc represents a full master award of 180 credits at level 7.

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