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Facilitation Skills Development

Today’s global workplace is an increasingly complex and competitive environment. For organisations to achieve goals of high performance and competitive advantage they must intentionally place themselves in a continuing state of change, but too often change initiatives do not deliver the behavioural changes. Now more and more organisations are recognising the benefit of building their own OD expertise, and one key skill to have in-house is facilitation.

Anyone working with groups of people in organisations – whether they are L&D, HR, OD or leaders and managers – needs to be an effective facilitator to improve engagement, strategic focus and productivity, and to help groups of people to work together to identify and resolve issues and achieve business goals.

Roffey Park offers a range of facilitation skills development packages, including a Graduate Certificate, which can be delivered in your organisation, from something to get you started to in-depth practice development. With costs ranging from just over £800 per person, they represent real value-for money:

Practical Facilitation Skills
from £10,000 for 8 people or more*

Advanced Facilitation Skills
from £13,500 for 8 people or more*

The Art of Facilitation
from £16,000 for 8 people or more*

Train the Facilitator-Trainer
from £16,000 for 8 people or more*

Facilitating Learning Sets
from £13,000 for 8 people or more*

We have years of experience of facilitating groups, working with organisations in change and have a passion for developing facilitators and HR/OD/L&D professionals. Our proven approach is about practical experience, based on experience and theory, using people’s own reality as their case study.

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*Fees are exclusive of VAT, venue costs and expenses

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