Customised solutions: Leading organisations for the future

Passionate about people, serious about performance

The need for organisations to better lead organise, manage, develop and engage their people has never been greater – are you ready for the future?

  • Organisations are grappling with change and uncertainty like never before – the task of leadership has never been more complex and important
  • There are significant talent and skills shortages, and you are in danger of losing your talent if you don’t work actively to retain them, and you need to develop young talent for the future.
  • Technology changes at unprecedented speed and whilst individuals are quick to adopt innovations, organisations can lag behind if they don’t approach this strategically
  • More flexible structures can help create agile and resilient organisations, but these can be challenging to make work.
  • Improving performance and productivity is really about working smarter in workplaces which are open, honest and compassionate.

Based in the UK and Singapore, Roffey Park Institute delivers high impact training and development programmes, organisational development, qualifications and research customised to the needs of our clients.

We’ve been working with organisations in all sectors, across the UK and beyond for over 70 years. We improve individual and organisational performance by growing your capability in leadership, management, human resources and organisational development.

Learning has the power to transform organisations, their performance and their people. What change are you looking for?

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We help make your organisation a better place of work

We develop leaders, HR and OD professionals to navigate organisational life, challenge the status quo and support people through change.

Your people will emerge from our programmes more strategic, focused on results, collaborative, resilient, influential, and with greater emotional intelligence.  They will be more empowering, engaging and inspiring so they can harness the power and potential of their people to deliver great results.

Roffey Park delivers customised programmes that help our managers develop and evolve as leaders and, in doing so, has helped to keep our company at the cutting edge of management development. The fact that Roffey Park has partnered with BAM to provide management development programmes over the last 25 years is testament to the impact and value that Roffey Park brings to an organisation, both in terms of enhanced management capability and sustained business performance.

BAM Construct UK (read case study)

Recent examples of client work:

  • Developing leadership and management capability to work collaboratively and create a high performance culture
  • Developing facilitation skills to enable managers to improve their ability and confidence in running meetings, delivering presentations and have coaching conversations
  • Develop L&D team’s skills and awareness in designing programmes with greater impact and improved business outcomes
  • Equipping leaders to lead people effectively through change
  • Creating a community of clinical champions who are inspirational leaders of change
  • Providing external consultancy support for HR strategy development through designing and facilitating the engagement process.
  • Building management capability in coaching, critical and strategic thinking, personal impact and influence and leading organisational change
  • Creating a partner leadership development programme to drive growth and profitability
  • Build OD capability within HR population to grow confidence and capability in initiating proactive, strategic support.
  • Designing and delivering leadership masterclasses to strengthen leadership capability

It’s not about us, it’s about you

We start first by getting along side you, getting to know your organisation and the results and change you are looking for. We don’t sell you what you don’t want or don’t need. We are more interested in delivering a difference than delivering a programme. To make sure that we do, our relationship managers and programme coordinators will build a trusting and lasting partnership with you so that we can get to know you and understand your business objectives, values, culture and challenges.  We will create a customised programme for you, with you. We will use our experience of working with many organisations across the sectors, but we will focus on what you need to learn, not what we want to teach.

Roffey Park are different, they really tailor programmes to the organisation.  Other providers offer a mostly off-the-shelf solution. Roffey Park invest in their clients and take time to understand the organisation, its objectives and challenges; creating a programme that’s specific to each organisation, group and participant

Raiffeisen Bank International (read case study)

It takes more than theory to change people

Our work is underpinned by our own research – we know our stuff and are not afraid to share it. But our programmes go beyond just theory. They are pragmatic, experiential, hands-on, robust and life-changing. Impactful learning is only achieved when people are involved and take responsibility and ownership of it. That is the way we work.   We do not spoon feed, and people work on real life issues not abstract case studies,  so learning this way is not an easy option.  But the result is learning that sticks.

The executive leadership development programme delivered by Roffey Park has enhanced how we work as a team of individuals and equipped us to develop and deliver the strategic plan. Changing the behaviours and dynamics of the executive team has enabled us to work together effectively and strengthen the business at the same time. As a result, we have engaged staff and developed a forward-thinking culture with a shared purpose. Roffey Park has helped us to put the theory into practice; we’ve developed a high-performing team and business

Radian Housing (read case study)

Expert facilitators, individual attention

Our consultants are experts in their field and highly skilled facilitators. We use what’s happening in the programme as a source of learning, working with ambiguity and with no predetermined answers – just like the real-world. We provide space for reflection. Our high facilitator to participant ratio provides flexibility and personal attention to the individual learner.

We specifically didn’t want classroom learning and the Roffey Park approach is different. Learning is by reflection; what a person is about as a leader and how they can contribute to the business and others.  Also, Roffey Park’s style of facilitation means there are no right or wrong answers, just different perspectives.  They develop authentic, self-aware leaders with the confidence to be individual and drive results.

Harsco Metals & Minerals (read case study)

We’ll come to you, or you can come to us

Wherever we work in the world, we create a learning environment like no other – one that has high challenge and support where learners are motivated, engaged and stretched to develop themselves and their organisations.

Our own UK head office and venue is designed by us with you and your learning in mind.  Located close to major air, rail and road links our facilities include 60 bedrooms, a range of conference rooms and access to 40 acres of grounds and the forest beyond – in an area of outstanding natural beauty.   But more than that, people who come here tell us that from the moment you walk through our doors, our venue creates a space and environment like no other – somewhere where you can breathe, reflect, learn and change.

Wherever we work with you, we offer a total package, with support from an experienced team of Client Services Coordinators to look after the day to day administrative issues so you can concentrate on the work

Want to find out more?

In the UK, telephone the Client & Student Services team on 01293 8540042 or email

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