The MSc is a part-time qualification over two years.

Structure of the MSc in people and organisational development

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Self-managed learning (SML)

The MSc in People and Organisational Development has no predetermined syllabus. After an initial mapping process that outlines the field of potential study, participants receive support and challenge to determine what they want to learn and how they are going to learn it, with others, in the context of their organisation’s needs and to the standards required of the qualification.

At the beginning of the programme, participants form a learning set which is a group of up to six people plus a set advisor (faculty). The learning set is a vital component of the programme. The set meets monthly at a venue agreed by the set. The set’s role is to provide a forum for support and challenge where set members:

  • agree standards for work
  • discuss and agree learning objectives
  • assess each others’ work for practical relevance and theoretical rigour
  • reflect on practical workplace learning to maximise application

The lack of predetermined content may sound unstructured, but there is more structure and carefully designed process to this approach than on a conventional programme. This methodology has been developed at Roffey Park and refined over three decades. Although there are no exams, each participant has to compile a portfolio of work which shows evidence that they have met the criteria set out in their Learning Contract. This method of peer assessment is no easy option as members of the Learning Set are often tougher on themselves than any external examiners. Academic rigour is recognised through validation by the University of Sussex. As a longstanding partner the University takes an interest in supporting and refining our radical approach to learning.